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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Thousands of foreign tourists come to Enliven Togean Festival

Thousands of tourists from Italy, France, Germany, Australia, and South Korea, among other things, were present to enliven the Togean Festival, opened by Central Sulawesi Vice Governor Soedarto in Tojo Unouno district on Saturday.

Held from Augut 27 to 31, 2016, the Togean Marine Festival aims to promote the natural beauty and unique underwater paradise in Tojo Unouno district, according to Central Sulawesi Culture and Tourism Office Chief Siti Norma Mardjanu.

"Yes, more than one thousand tourists from various countries are now in Tojo Unauna to enliven the marine festival of Togean Islands charm," Mardjanu affirmed here on Sunday.

According to her, all cottages accommodations in Tojo Unauna are fully booked by the foreign tourists, and many of them have to stay at the homes of local government officials.

To enliven the Togean Marine Festival, the foreign tourists also participates in road race hosted by Tojo Unauna District Head Mohammad Lahay, underwater photo contest, boat race, the tug of war on the boats, cultural attraction, traditional martial arts, swimming and fishing contest.

Increased tourism promotion in Togean, according to her, will continue to be made through the festival by involving the Ministry of Tourism to maximize the dissemination of information about the charm of the area nationally and internationally.

"Central Sulawesi provincial government took the central government to participate in promoting the Tojo Unouno tourism through the Togean Marine Festival," Mardjanu explained.

Togean Marine Festival is being held to promote the regional tourism in the country and abroad in a bid to boost tourist visits to Togean Islands.

Indonesia is home to some of the worlds most beautiful aquatic areas including the Togian Islands, where diving is one of the best things the visitors can do.
"Tropical coral reefs filled with an abundance of marine life can be found in many areas around the island," she said. (Antara)

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