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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tourism ministry appoints international celebrities to attract Chinese tourists

Indonesias Tourism Ministry appointed two international celebrities, Christy Chung and Shawn Chang, as ambassadors of Pesona Indonesia to attract Chinese tourists to visit the country.

A press release issued by the Tourism Ministry and received here by ANTARA on Wednesday said China has become one of the premier tourist markets for Indonesia and the target is to attract 2.1 million Chinese tourists to visit the entire archipelago.

"The exotic islands in Indonesia are like a jewel buried, and are rich in tourism potential. Through our work with Christy Chung and some of the leading hotels in Indonesia, we would like to introduce the best travel experience in Southeast Asia to the tourists," said Tourism Minister Arief Yahya. Chinese tourists have been increasingly showing an interest to travel to destinations that have a diversity of cultural and entertainment attractions.

The Tourism Ministry offers a diverse range of cultural, adventure travel, sports, history, art and culture, ancient traditions as well as modernity in Bali, the metropolis of Jakarta, besides the natural beauty of the underwater Raja Ampat in West Papua and Komodo National Park in Sumbawa.

Christy Chung, Shawn Chang and his family embarked on the "Pesona Indonesia" journey this week to enjoy a holiday and relax in a number of leading hotels in Bali following a visit to Komodo Island. Christy Chung, 46, is a Chinese artist born in Canada. In addition to winning the "Miss Chinese International" (1992), she also acted in dozens of films, including "The Bodyguard from Beijing (1994)". (Antara)

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