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The ever enchanting island of Bali and all her fascinating natural splendors never fail to offer something for everyone. Whether it is for sand, sun, surf and amazing snorkeling and diving, or merely for its serene ambience, the beaches and marine attractions of Bali definitely spell the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
Having built its reputation since the 80’s, beaches such as Kuta, Sanur, or Nusa Dua are already well known for quite some time . Here, the beautiful coast of Bali fringes around luxurious resorts and popular tourist attractions. But over time, more amazing secluded beaches have been “discovered” surrounding the island, continuously adding to the splendor of the island of the gods.
The special visit of King Salman from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia along with his 1,500 entourage puts the spotlight on some of these fascinating newly popular ‘hot spots’ on the island. So, prepare yourself! These are some of the most amazing newly popular beaches and marine attractions in Bali:
1. Pandawa Beach
 Concealed behind high cliffs and shrubbery, Pandawa beach has long remained secluded from the crowds of tourists, due to the less-than-easy path that had to be taken to access it. However, after the opening of a 1.5 kilometers scenic access road, this secret paradise revealed its amazing splendor to the world.
As you near Pandawa, you will be greeted by five statues carved into the cliffs beside you. They are : Yudhistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sadewa. These are the Panca Pandawa, the five brothers who are characters in the shadow puppet theater, from which the beach takes its name. Seemingly endless stretches of pure white sand span from one end to the other. The clear blue water heaves to shore with the swell of the ocean in hypnotic rolling waves, from where the sea touches the sky.
Here princes go kayaking waiting for the breath-taking sunset to color the ocean.
2. Suluban Beach
 World-class thrilling waves meet jaw-dropping scenery at the secluded surfers’ paradise of Suluban Beach. Located not too far from the picturesque Uluwatu Temple, this beach is the actual site of the famous Uluwatu surf break. This beach extends right up and joins the Uluwatu Beach. Together they are the Mecca for wave chasing junkies who come to Bali. The beach is blessed with a breathtaking view on the Indian Ocean which offers a serene atmosphere and spectacular sunsets in the late afternoons, creating that most romantic aura. Approaching the area, visitors will be greeted by a fascinating scenery of white rock cliffs that stretch as far as the eyes can see. Descending some 50 meters down to the shore, a vast white sandy beach kissed by turquoise blue waters await, while the pounding waves play the true resounding sounds of nature: the perfect setting for a thrilling surfing adventure.
3. Dreamland Beach

As the name suggests, this is where nature interprets your dreams of a perfect beach. A vast stretch of soft pearly white sand, clear blue sky over the enchanting blue waters, and nothing but the fascinating sound of waves hitting the shores, this is what dreamland is all about. As any beach at the Bukit Peninsula area, Dreamland is also decorated with beautiful rocky cliffs on its shore which radiate an enchanting atmosphere. The vast stretching shoreline also makes it a perfect place to bask under the tropical sun or to stroll along the indulging sands, or simply sit down and immerse oneself in the dream-like beauty of nature. As daylight slowly fades, the brilliant colors of sunset over Dremland’s horizon will surely confirm where this beach got its name.
4. Balangan Beach
Ranked 1st in CNN Go’s “Bali's best 5 hidden beaches” released in January 2012, this secluded paradise lies just a little to the north of nearby Dreamland Beach orabout 30-40 minutes from the highly popular Kuta Beach. A perfect place to stroll down and enjoy the tranquility of nature at its finest, the coast is a perfect playground for kids or families where they can collect shells, build sand castles, or just play around in the water. Similar to most beaches on Bali, Balangan beach also presents the spectacular sight of sunsets over its afternoon horizon.
5. Canggu
Beach Among Bali’s numerous beaches, Canggu Beach was chosen among CNN’s “World’s 100 Best Beaches” in position no. 39.
Located in the village of Canggu in North Kuta, Badung Regency, Canggu offers a wide stretch of black sand beach that is world famous for its magnificent surf. On the other side of the blue surf one can see tiers of lush green rice paddies where flocks of birds come to fly over or roost. This panoramic scene is rarely found along other beaches and therefore offers a unique experience for its beholders.
6. Pemuteran Beach
Image via Balinese Underwater Temple Garden
The coastal Village of Pemuteran is as far as it gets from the hustle and bustle found in the south of the fabled island of Bali. Instead, here in North Bali peace and tranquility welcome all to its secluded beaches and captivating hilly background. Situated at the northwestern part of Bali, the charm of Pemuteran, moreover, lies beneath the surface of its calm waters, in the many diving spots, and most especially its phenomenal Underwater Temple. The temple has been sunk for its own beauty to be admired by divers, but its main purpose is to become a place where new coral reefs grow.
7. Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida
Separated by the Badung Strait some 15Km off the southeastern coast of Sanur on Bali are the enchanting trio islands of Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan, and Nusa Penida. Here, one will find the pristine beauty of unspoilt white sandy beaches, exhilarating waves, crystal clear waters, stunning natural rugged beauty, and picturesque sceneries away from the vibrant sounds and vivacious atmosphere of Bali’s southern coast.
Beneath the surface, the waters around these islands present their own jaw-dropping sensation and are the playground to some of the most fascinating creatures of the deep sea, the primadonna being the rare giant ocean sunfish: the Mola Mola. (

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