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Friday, June 15, 2018

Denpasar develops 'subak' as new tourist attraction

Source: Antara
The Denpasar city government, Bali Province, has continued to innovate in developing new tourist attractions, including by revolutionizing the concept of agricultural tourism in Subak Sembung and Subak Pakel, North Denpasar District.

Head of the Tourism Development Section, Tourism Office of Denpasar City, Rose Sintha Dewi stated here on Wednesday that the local people are keen to develop Subak Pakel as a tourism attraction and is in line with the innovation conducted by the Denpasar city government to preserve "subak," or the traditional irrigation system in Bali, to become an agricultural tourism attraction.

"To support these attractions, the local people have built a jogging track along 100 meters," she added.

To promote Subak Pakel among the local community, the Denpasar Tourism Office performed the traditional art performance of "Bondres Clekontong Mas" on Tuesday (June 12) at Wantilan Desa Pakraman Poh Gading.

"Through the art performance of `Bondres Clekontong Mas,` it is hoped that the community would quickly understand and know about the tourism attractions in Denpasar, such as subak," she explained.

She expressed hope that by making Subak Pakel a tourist attraction, the economy in Ubung Kaja Village and the surrounding areas would improve.

Meanwhile, Head of Ubung Kaja Village, North Denpasar District, Wayan Mirta confirmed that all stakeholders in Ubung Kaja Village were keen to make Subak Pakel a tourist attraction due to its wide land spanning 63 hectares.

"That land is in demand by the developers for development. Hence, we are pondering over how to prevent the rice fields from not being exhausted. That is why the good idea of making it as a tourism attraction came up. Apart from improving the local residents` welfare, it can inculcate the value of ancestral culture in farming," he explained.

Moreover, Mirta plans to form an urban farmer group in order to optimally support Subak Pakel as a tourist attraction.

"We will create the concept of urban farming and will also design a tourist village there," he noted.

Furthermore, Mirta has created an adrenaline-inspired tour concept. Urban farming will also be improved to incorporate more varied activities.

"The subak management of this method will increase the local revenue, and the local community`s land can become more valuable for them. Moreover, young farmers will be born and will create a new concept for the farmers similar to other regions," he stated. (Antara)

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