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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Harmoni Park to be world-class tourism destination: Surabaya mayor

Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini expressed optimism that Harmoni Park in Keputih, Surabaya City, East Java Province, would become a world-class garden tourism attraction if developed consistently.

"Harmoni Park involves the concept or theme of a flower," she said, after a tree planting event along with the Head of the East Java Province High Prosecutor`s Office (Kajati), Sunarta, at Surabaya Harmoni Park, on Thursday.

The event, which involved planting trees and creating the biopori (water absorption hole), was held as part of the commemoration of the 58th Anniversary of Bakrie (HBA) and the 18th Anniversary of Adhyaksa Dharmakarini (IAD) Association.

The prosecutor`s officials planted trees of various species such as Jokorondo, Pule, and Mahogany.

On the occasion, Rismaharini expressed gratitude to the prosecutor`s office for choosing the Surabaya City and Harmoni Park to conduct social service.

In addition, the Office of Agriculture of Surabaya has also created the city forest in the west of the park with all kinds of fruits throughout Indonesia.

According to her, Harmoni Park is built in one-third of the total area of about 60 hectares.

The ministry and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) unit have planted a lot of plants in the park, even if there is a possibility for other parties to do the same, he remarked.

"In fact, Singapore had expressed interest to study about the garden and green city in Surabaya, in order to develop a theme park for the residents," he continued.
She also explained that the Harmoni Park was once used as a garbage dump (TPA), which was later moved to Benowo.

In fact, the land had not been managed for almost 10 years. "When I was the head of the landscaping, this land could not be used to plant anything, because it emitted dangerous methane gas. So, we could only plant bamboo as much as possible," she explained.

Later, a study conducted by the Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) explained that the land in the area did not contain harmful methane gas, and the soil was stable.

"Thus, we started planting whatever we had, and since then the planting has continued," he stated.

Therefore, it will be very useful if there are parties willing to participate in planting trees in Harmoni Park.

Meanwhile, Chief Prosecutor of High (Kajati) of East Java Sunarta revealed that this program is a social service commonly conducted by the prosecutor.

In addition to reforestation, she continued that there were also social events such as mass circumcisions and marriages. "We are also aware that we are part of the community. It is not just a legal step but for the community as well," he explained.

Through the planting of trees, he hopes to help Surabaya city to be free from flooding in the future as the trees and biopori help in preventing flooding.

Sunarta also ensured that cooperation and collaboration with the Surabaya City Government would continue. However, he also ensured readiness to support any Surabaya City Government activities in the future.

"Currently, we also have activities that are being handled, and there are some assets of Surabaya municipal government that we are handling. Hopefully, the Pancasila Sports Arena can also be returned to the city government," he conveyed. (Antara)

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