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Keeping up the tradition of annual international sailing events across the stunning Indonesian seas, the Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia (WSTI) 2018   this year again takes sailing ships and yachts on a special expedition across these vast Indonesian seas which is now already ongoing from July 25th to November 5th, 2018.
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For over 4 months,  participating yachts will explore the many wonders of the incredible Indonesian Archipelago following the route covering: Tual, Banda Neira, South Baru, North Buton, Wakatobi, South Buton, Bau Bau Buton, Labuan Bajo, Sumbawa, North Lombok, North Bali, Bawean, Teluk Kumai, Belitung, South Bangka, Central Bangka, Benan, Tanjung Pinang, with farewell point at Nongsa Point Marina Batam.
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During this exploration there are ample opportunities to dive the underwater paradise of Banda and Wakatobi, get close and personal to the prehistoric Komodo Lizards, watch orangutans in their jungle habitat, and most importantly they will be welcomed with the warm hospitality that is ingrained in the Indonesian people and is presented with  multiple cultures and traditions that spell Indonesia.
On Thursday, 26th July 2018, 47 yachts from 14 countries along with 156 international crew and passengers arrived at the entry point of WSTI 2018 at Debut, Tual Town, in Southeast Maluku Regency,  having sailed off from Queensland, Australia on July 18th-19th.  These yachters come from Australia, USA, England, Denmark, Canada, Sweden, Cook Island, the Netherlands, and Ireland who were all warmly greeted with the traditional welcoming ceremony of Southeast Maluku.

The Sail Moyo-Tambora Rally at Sumbawa island
After sailing to many marvelous destinations along the route, yachts will join the pinnacle of Sail Moyo-Tambora 2018 at the Port of Badas, Sumbawa on September 9th, 2018.
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Here the event will feature colossal traditional dances from Sumbawa and Bima,  a Sail Pass, as well as a parade of 1,000 traditional boats.  On September 9th to 11th, an array of cultural performances will be staged representing the 3 ethnic groups in West Nusa Tenggara Province, which are the Sasak, Samawa, and Mbojos. There will also be a Maritime and Tourism Expo.
On September 10th, a city-wide carnival will showcase diverse cultural splendors of all the cities and regencies across West Nusa Tenggara Province. The Sail Moyo-Tambora will also be highlighted with a Tambora Fun Run,  an International Culinary Fiesta, Traditional Folk Games, and a whole lot more exciting activities.

Situated near the northern edge of the island of Sumbawa in the West Nusatenggara Province, - between the islands of Lombok and Flores, - Moyo Island is a serene pristine paradise, perfect for those seeking an escape from the stressful modern city life. Moyo is surrounded by beautiful untouched coral reefs that are ideal for snorkeling. Swim with white tip reef sharks dive next to blue spotted sting rays, and encounter schools of tropical fish. Princess Diana of Great Britain found her refuge and some peace here on Moyo island, to escape the paparazzi.
Sumbawa is mostly recognized for its deadly volcano, Mount Tambora, known to the world as the volcano that caused the largest and most deadly eruption in recorded history. Its phenomenal eruption in  April 1815 left a 7 Km-wide gaping  6.2 km wide caldera containing a two-colored lake with depths reaching 800 meters, and is considered the largest caldera in Indonesia. Today, aside from attracting seismologists, volcanologists, archeologists, biologists, and other scientists, Mount Tambora has become popularly known as a prime destination for mountaineers who travel here from all over the globe to enjoy the thrill of conquering its challenging trails.

These experiences in the tropical warm waters of the Indonesian islands will definitely be unforgettable.
The inaugural Sail 2 Indonesia Rally took place in 2014. In 2015 the Multihull Solutions joined as the main sponsor for the second run of the event and the Multihull Solutions Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Rally then became an annual event. The Multihull Solutions Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Yacht Rally is a Joint venture between Raymond Lesmana and the Indonesia Ministry of Tourism with Rally Administration handling registrations, Formal Paperwork co-ordination, and forwarding to Indonesia for processing, the Cairns distribution of materials, briefings papers etc and clearance documents from Australia.

For more information on the Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia, please log on to http://www.sail2indonesia.com/


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