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Sunday, October 14, 2018

MINANG GEOPARK RUN 2018 at West Sumatra’s stunning SIANOK CANYON

Get your running shoes ready, and prepare to fall head over heels in love with the amazing beauty of West Sumatra!
On 28th October 2018, - coinciding with Indonesia’s Youth Pledge Day - the first ever Minang Geopark Run will be held at the stunning Sianok Canyon Geopark just at the outskirts of the hilltown of Bukittinggi in West Sumatra.
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The race will take runners across the fantastic landscape of Sianok Canyon, amidst rising cliffs covered with lush green forests and along a crystal clear winding river. Runners will also be presented with the serene ambiance of typical Minangkabau traditional villages, vast stretches of rice paddies and the warm Hello’s of enthusiastic locals. Offering more than the thrill of the race, the run definitely promises a sensation not found anywhere else.

The Minang Geopark Run 2018 is divided into the following categories: 5K (5Km Fun Run), 10K (10Km), and the 21K (21.82Km) run. The 5K Fun Run will take participants around the many fascinating sites across Bukittinggi including to Lobang Jepang (the Japanese Cave), Limpapeh Bridge, and the iconic jam Gadang Clock Tower. The 10K offers more challenges as well as a broader exploration of the area including the Tugu Polwan (The Women Police Monument) and the beautiful Ambacang Hill.

Dedicated to true running enthusiasts both professionals and amateurs, the 21K offers the ultimate challenge wrapped in panoramic Bukittinggi. The track will follow the following route: starting at Kantin Field-TuguPolwan-Panorama Park-Sianok Canyon-Janjang Saribu-Bukit Apit-Bukit Apit Crossing-Pulasan Village-PintuKabun Crossing-Jirek Crossing –Ambacang Hill-Gadoet Crossing-jl. Pasadama-Pakan Kamis Crossing- Kapau-Guguak Bulek Crossing-SurauGadang Crossing-Jl Haji Miskin-Pintu Kabun Crossing-Tembok Crossing-Chinatown-Jam Gadang Clock Towet-Tugu Polwan, and finishing at Kantin Field.

Before the Minang Geopark Run, there will also be a 70 Km exhibition run by 5 ultra-marathon selected runners along with the best of Indonesian runners. These exceptional athletes will take on the challenging route from steep Kelok Sembilan (the 9 hairpin bends) to Lembah Sumbar Harau, the Sianok Canyon, and finishing at Jam Gadang Clock Tower right in the heart of Bukittinggi.

The event is a collaboration between the Office of Tourism of West Sumatra together with the Committee of the 100 Years Anniversary Commemoration of Bandung’s Institute of Technology (ITB) and the Advanced Technical Studies College in Indonesia (PTTI) and is fully supported by the Ministry of Tourism. The Minang Geopark Run 2018  targets a thousand runner. So far already over 200 have  confirmed registration.

Deputy forTourism Industry and Inter-Organizations Relations of the Ministry of Tourism, Rizky Handayani Mustafa explained that the event offers more than a Tourism Sport activity, but it  also offers the  opportunity to explore the singular wonders of the land of the Minangkabau ethnic group of West Sumatra. “It is not just its alluring nature, but here, all will be taken to explore the unique culture  of the Minangkabau’s.  This will be a very exciting event, since more than sport, this promises to become a complete adventure” said Rizky Handayani Mustafa.

Meanwhile, Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya expressed his appreciation, adding that Sports tourism events are the perfect media to boost promotion of West Sumatra. “ This Sports Tourism event has great news value, so it can become an effective means of promotion that will, moverover, have direct economic benefits for the community ” said Minister Arief Yahya.

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Blessed with abundant natural splendors, the province of West Sumatra has 9 Geopark-sites that have the potential to be established as National Geoparks or even as UNESCO’s Global Geoparks. From Sianok Canyon to Harau Valley, these Geoparks are located along the Bukit Barisan Mountain Ridges that stretch far across most part of Sumatra Island.  The 9 Geopark sites are: the Sianok Canyon, the Harau valley . Lake Maninjau,Tarusan Kamang, Lake Singkarak, Sawahlunto former coal mining area, Danau Kembar (Twin Lakes), Batu Kapal Solok Selatan, Silokek, and the island of Mentawai famous for its year round barrelling surf.

Known by the locals as Ngarai Sianok, the Sianok Canyon is most magical at before dawn when the first rays of the sun pierce through the mist that covers this deep valley.  With  majestic Mount Singgalang looming at its background it is a sight not to easily forgotten. Ngarai Sianok has two steep walls facing each other almost vertically, falling to a flat bottom where a river meanders among green ricefields.  Its height is about 100 to 120 meters and the canyon itself is 15 km long. This gorge separates the towns of Bukittinggi from Kota Gadang, which is right on the opposite shoulder of the canyon.
Excited to take part in Minang Geopark Run's exhilarations? Register yourself here: minang.geoparkrun.id


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