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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Bogor Botanical Gardens make it to tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The Bogor Botanical Gardens in Bogor, West Java, known for their vast plant collection and historical value of their buildings and landscape, has been included in the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites following a proposal by the government to the UN body in 2017.
Lush, green surroundings are seen at the Bogor Botanical Gardens in West Java. (Bogor Botanical Garden/-)
“We expect cooperation and support from all parties so that the Bogor Botanical Gardens are named a world heritage site,” deputy chairperson for biodiversity sciences at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Enny Sudarmonowati, said in Bogor on Thursday.
The proposal to promote the garden to UNESCO was submitted on Sept. 25, 2017, which was followed by preparing tentative list documents as part of the requirements of nominations. Enny said the documents had been submitted to UNESCO through the Indonesian Committee of UNESCO and the Education and Culture Ministry on June 8, 2018. The Bogor Botanical Gardens officially made it to the tentative list on April 26.
Enny explained that there were three main components in the proposal for the 202-year-old garden as a heritage site.

“The Bogor Botanical Gardens are the center of tropical botanical research in the world and have been used by many research institutions in Indonesia,” she said.
She also said the gardens also served as the center of palm oil acclimatization before it was spread globally and became an important commodity like it is today. Moreover, the botanical gardens were believed to be part of the man-made forest built in the era of the Pajajaran Kingdom in West Java.

“It could be the oldest botanical garden in the world,” she said.
The acting head of the Plant and Garden Conservation Research Center at LIPI, Hendrian, said the center was still seeking more information on the history of the man-made forest and its relation to the Bogor Botanical Gardens. The office also reviewed the development of the garden with the spatial planning of Bogor city as part of the nomination documents to be delivered to UNESCO in September.

LIPI held a discussion on Thursday to make sure all the necessary documents for nomination would be sent to UNESCO in September.

The Bogor Botanical Gardens are among the 20 national parks, areas and buildings included in Indonesia’s tentative list being proposed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Other sites included Kota Tua in Jakarta, Raja Ampat in Papua and Bunaken National Marine Park in North Sulawesi.(JakartaPost)

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