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Saturday, May 11, 2019

The ultimate experience: Scuba diving in Bali

A scuba diver swimming under water. (Shutterstock/File)
Have you ever thought of experiencing underwater life? Nature has a lot to offer but people are still unaware of such sights, which consist of the right kind of thrill and adventure that gives you the exotic break from your life.
Scuba diving is one of those experiences that everyone should experience at least once in their life. This activity brings you closer to the blue ocean that offers millions of things for the eyes to feast on.
Bali is known for its diving sites and there are lots of dive shops from where you can start the adventure
The shops have experienced divers, who are always there for your assistance while you take on your ocean underwater ride.

What are the major points to consider before going on a scuba dive?
This question that probably pops up on your mind is whether this is the right time to go diving or do you trust yourself to do that?
Well, you are not thinking out of the track, as everyone has the same thoughts before going for a dive. So to help you with the right answer, here is a checklist for your reference. If you feel that you can tick all of these points then congratulations, you are ready for diving.
•    You have to be above 10 years old and should not have any medical problems related to breathing such as asthma.
•    There is a contract that you have to sign before taking your dive. It will contain terms and conditions that you need to agree with.
•    Before going for a dive, you will get a complete brief on how the dive would be like and what safety measures you have to take into consideration.
•   You must have certain skills such as swimming, jumping and coming back to the top quickly. These points are very important to keep in mind. At some dive shops, you will have to showcase your skills to convince them to take you on their dive trips.

A note about plastics
Needless to say that the beauty of underwater is heart melting but it is fading with the increasing amount of plastic waste and careless nature of humans. Plastic waste has been seen everywhere throughout dives so you can now imagine how it would affect sea creatures. Sometimes, they die due to respiration problems. It is therefore best to avoid usage of any plastic material around the ocean.
As is the case with other major destinations, tourism brings negative impacts to surrounding waters and marine pollution. Many holidaymakers never enter the water but their waste is left behind in the ocean and on coral reefs, which results in devastating environmental degradation.

What kind of experiences are available?
If this will be your most adventurous activity in the ocean by far, you may have many questions pop up in your mind. There are, however, lots of different trips tailored by dive shops.
If you don't wish to spend the whole day diving, for instance, you can opt for the half day diving trip that includes many attractive ocean sights to give you joy and happiness.
The dive shops will also provide you with proper guidance about how to dive and other important information. Just one visit will expose you to many new insights about diving.
There are lots of different places that you can visit in Bali. But if we talk about the underwater sites then there are some specific destinations for you.
These sights are well-examined by divers, who have vast experience in guiding divers for many years. Some popular spots include Amed Beach and Tulamben in East Bali, Nusa Penida in South Bali and Pemuteran Bay and Menjangan Island in North Bali.

Safety tips:
•   When scuba diving, do not hold your breath as it may cause damage to your lungs.
•   Maintain an accurate rate of ascent to avoid decompression sickness while diving.
•   There is diving gears in your wet suit and make sure that you have double checked it.
•   If you have sickness and other problems, you must dive according to your limits and let your guide know beforehand.
•    You should also practice some of the vital diver safety skills given by your guide.
To have a good experience in the safest manner possible, it is best to follow all the instructions given.
Scuba diving is an experience that is worth a try with the best kind of assistance from your diving instructors.
However, if you are unable to swim, then no need to worry as there are other tools and safety equipment available for nonswimmers. So don’t have any second thoughts, plan a trip to Bali and dive like a fish to explore the unseen world.
Florian Molliet works at Dive Concepts.

(Florian Molliet via JakartaPost)

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