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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Heritage, nature, urban tourist destinations, Jakarta plans to have them all

Cottages on stilts off Bidadari Island in the Thousand Islands regency are offered as accommodations. The Jakarta Tourism Agency plans to designate the regency a national strategic tourist destination. (kompas.com/Tri Wahyuni)
What are people looking for in a tourism destination? Heritage, nature, urban attractions, or cuisine? Jakarta administration aims to provide them all.
The capital’s 216 tourist attractions are to be developed according to the specialty of each, which is a design inspired by tourist destinations abroad.
“The research by the Jakarta Tourism Agency team found that Jakarta has 216 tourist destinations. From there, we classified them into five types of destination: heritage, nature, urban, youth, and culinary destination,” the Jakarta Tourism Agency's acting head, Alberto Ali, said on Tuesday as quoted by kompas.com.

The heritage tourist areas are to be centered on Kota Tua in West Jakarta and Jatinegara in East Jakarta.
Kota Tua is to take references from Malacca and Penang, Malaysia, while Jatinegara is to be inspired by Tai Krun, Hongkong. The city is to soon map the heritage buildings in Jatinegara.
Taman Sari District secretary Pangestu Aji said that the district was surveying the 659 street vendors operating in Kota Tua to keep them away from the main Kota Tua area, as well as other city owned buildings, and relocate them to Lokbin Kota Intan, a permanent city-run sales location on Jl. Cengkeh, Taman Sari.

Meanwhile, hip urban tourist destinations are to be established in Cikini, Central Jakarta, Cipete and Kemang in South Jakarta.
Cikini is to take references from Nimman Street in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Jakarta Bina Marga Road Agency is renovating the sidewalks along Jl. Cikini Raya. A total of 10 kilometers of sidewalks are to be renovated in Cikini, Pramuka, Kramat Raya and Salemba.
The city is also renovating the Taman Ismail Marzuki arts center and Cikini will also be designated as a center for co-working spaces.

Cipete is to be inspired by Bojeong Dong, South Korea, and wayfinding boards and maps of cafes posted in the area, in cooperation with local cafes and restaurants.
Meanwhile, Kemang will take cues from Haji Lane, Singapore. The Kemang Art Festival is also to be held in the area and involve local artists.
Jl. Sabang and Thamrin 10 in Central Jakarta, which are already famous as culinary areas, are to maintain their characteristics as such.
Jonker Street in Malacca is to be the reference for Jl. Sabang, which will be designated as a weekend food market.
Thamrin 10, on the other hand, is to be inspired by the Christmas markets in Germany.
The Park and Ride Thamrin, which has been closed, will be turned into a culinary and arts destination just like the Christmas markets found in Germany.

“It will not be a parking space anymore but a culinary center. It will keep the economic wheels rolling; small businesses will enter and musicians and artists can collaborate there,” Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan said in September.

Jakarta’s nature destination is to be the Thousand Islands regency off the city's coast, taking cues from the Maldives.
Thousand Islands Regent Husein Murad said that the islands had been designated national strategic tourism areas because of their attractive nature and beaches.
One of the tourist attractions is the Cinta Bridge on Tidung Island. On Untung Jawa Island tourists can play with banana boats, jet skis, or snorkel and dive.
Semak Daun Island offers white sands on its beaches, while tourists can also visit Dutch ruins on Onrust Island.

A youth destination is to be allocated at the Petodjo Enclek Traditional Market, which is to be designed like the Hua Shan Cultural Park in Taiwan.
City market operator PD Pasar Jaya has been renovating the market located on Jl. Suryopranoto, Petojo Selatan, Gambir, Central Jakatya, since December 2017.
Pasar Jaya president director Arief Nasrudin said that the market is an example of cultural heritage, so the renovation would keep the original form and the historic buildings in the area. (JakartaPost)

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