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Sunday, January 26, 2020

A coffee adventure amid Jakarta's rain

Colourful murals featured on the indoor seating area of Giyanti Coffe & Roastery, Central Jakarta. (ANTARA/Aria Cindyara)
The heavy rainfall over Jakarta for the past few weeks may seem to be the perfect reason to stay at home under the covers and stream some movies during the weekends. However, if one is looking to escape the gloomy weather, the capital city has numerous activities to offer that can be done even when it is raining cats and dogs outside, one of which is discovering the selection of coffee shops and their specialty coffees.

It is no secret that one of Indonesia’s seeded commodities is coffee beans. From Sumatra, Sulawesi, to Java, specialty grade coffee beans are produced with different taste profiles.

Despite the varying geographical origins, these different beans can be found in the capital city. Jakarta is home to numerous coffee shops that don’t only offer a variety of Indonesian coffee beans, but also the warm and cozy atmosphere that can make the rain outside just that much more bearable.

One of them is 1/15 Coffee located in Menteng, Central Jakarta. Located in the heart of the capital, two different seating arrangements can be seen upon entrance into the space. If one wishes to try different tastes of coffee beans they can opt for the coffee bar high chairs and have a one-on-one experience with the baristas who are brewing the coffee at their stations.

It was one of the first coffee shops that provided specialty coffee in the capital city. The name 1/15 came from the well-known coffee to water ratio in a brewing method that yields an ideal cup.
From single-origin brew, to the classic coffee beverages such as espresso, long black, piccolo, cappuccino, and latte, as well as affogato, 1/15 provides options for everyone who enjoys coffee in different ways.
Some coffee beans served and sold in 1/15 Coffee in Menteng, Central Jakarta. (ANTARA/Aria Cindyara)
Although their specialty is coffee, the café also provides hearty comfort foods such as pasta, the breakfast favorite avocado toast and churros and waffles for the sweet tooth.

For those looking for more quirky atmosphere rather than a cozy one, Central Jakarta is also home to Giyanti Coffee and Roastery.

At the entrance, visitors are greeted with the alleyway decorated with a row of bamboo trees that leads to the sanctuary-like space. Aside from snug, air-conditioned rooms, Giyanti also has a spacious outdoor seating area, which may not seem like the perfect choice for rainy days, but the transparent roofs on the area ensure that visitors are sheltered from the pouring rain without sacrificing the comfort of the trickling sound of water coming on the roofs.

Indoor or outdoor, visitors are guaranteed a visual feast of colorful decorations and murals in the coffee shop that would make the gloomy day just a tad brighter.

Although they do not serve manual brew, they serve the classic variations with the choices of light, medium, or strong coffee beans. To accompany one’s coffee adventure, Giyanti offers several savoury and sweet light bites with choices of gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly items.

For those who find comfort in the combination of rainy days, caffeine, and literature, South Jakarta’s Srsly (read: Seriously) Coffee may just be a perfect choice. Located on the strip of Cipete Raya, the coffee shop future is yet another minimalistic design often seen in popular coffee shots in Jakarta. Comfortable low chairs and sofas are provided for those who wanted to enjoy the atmosphere, there is a table facing the window for those who wish to sip on their coffees while enjoying the sight of the pouring rain.

The coffee bar is the spot for those who wanted to gain knowledge of coffee from the baristas themselves. Do not shy away from chatting them up while getting the perfect cup of joe ready because they would not hold back from spilling the information around the different origins they offer from selected roasteries.

However, if one is not in a chatty mood, they can head to one of the corners, where SRSLY Coffee has installed a small bookcase filled with novels and non-fiction books. They can be enjoyed in the indoor or the spacious sheltered outside sitting area, where there is a wall of green plants to rest the eyes from the sight of busy weekdays. (Antara)

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