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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Building World-Class Travel Destinations, Jababeka Morotai Invites Foreign Investors

Dodola Island located in the District of Morotai Island, North Maluku (source: Jababeka)
Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Morotai is in North Maluku-Indonesia, described in one word as paradise. From its beautiful white sandy beach to its clear blue waters, an array of color and underwater life, plus 28 diving spots around the island. It's no wonder SEZ Morotai brings so many local and international tourists to its shores.
Morotai SEZ has grown from the initial development in 2014. The initial stage of the area which has 1,101.76 hectares is to build 300 hectares in which 100 factories will be inhabited, 1000 units of landed residential, 200 units of houses or home stays, commercial areas, street mall, business center, sports stadium that will be developed by Morotai Regional Government, 10 Tower Loft Studio with integrated entertainment, education and health facilities to become an independent city that encourages Morotai's economic growth.
Kokoya Island (source: Jababeka)
"Now 41 home stays have been established, 6 units of shop houses, the Morotai KEK administrator building and the main gate with 14 pillars and regional infrastructure, and 1 tower Loft studio totaling 81 units from the 10 Tower plan," said Basuri Tjahaja Purnama, President Director of PT Jababeka Morotai as manager and developer of the Morotai KEK, in Menara Batavia, 25th floor, Jakarta Pusat-Indonesia, .
From these facilities and infrastructure, this has made many foreign investors invest their business in the Morotai KEK. Some time ago there were investors for fish processing plants, then green energy such as solar cells, electric cars and water treatment.

Jababeka Morotai, a member of PT Jababeka Tbk. as city developer, is still open if there are foreign investors who want joint venture world-class tourist destinations. Because the natural beauty offered is of international standard and can be compared with other countries' marine tourism, such as Maldives-Maldives, Puerto Galera-Philippines or Great Barrier Reef-Australia.

"We have a master plan on the prospects of land that can be built, whether business, residential, and commercial," explained Basuri.
In addition, there are many benefits foreign investors can obtain that when investing in the Morotai SEZ. Starting from getting a Permanent Stay Permit, land on its behalf, various incentives ranging from tax, fiscal and customs, and assisted with business and company licensing in one stop service.
For tax incentives, foreign investors will get a tax holiday of up to 100 percent. The time for granting a tax holiday depends on the value of the investment invested in the Morotai SEZ.
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SOURCE PT Jababeka Tbk.

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