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Monday, December 26, 2022

Ngurtafur Beach (Maluku) - The Blue Serenity

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Are you looking for a dreamy beach vacation? Then Ngurtafur Beach is one option to consider! This beach will give you a different sensation as you can feel like walking on the clear blue sea. Ngurtafur Beach, which stretches across the open sea, is located on the Kei Islands, on Warbal Island, Southeast Maluku Regency, Maluku.

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With its elongated and winding shape, this beach – also known as Snake Beach – seems to separate the sea. Stretched in the middle of a clear blue sea, you will feel like you are walking on the water and you can even be very close to the middle of the sea through this beach. The sea at Ngurtafur Beach is enlivened by fishes of various colors and coral reefs, making it the best place for swimming or snorkeling.

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Furthermore, around the beach there are also several leatherback turtles, locally known as tabob. They belong to one of the rare and protected turtle species. Some of the breeding of leatherback turtles in this place is managed by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWFN).

Additionally, this beach is also a must-visit beach as you can find Australian pelican birds during the migration season, if you’re there at the right time. These pelicans migrate from Papua New Guinea and Australia to Wallacea through Sulawesi, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, and Maluku.

Image by rizasalahudin
April to May and October to December are the best months to visit Ngurtafur Beach because the weather is good and the waves are calm. For snorkeling, the best recommended month is in May or October. Since there are no shops on this beach, you are recommended to bring your own food supplies or your own first aid kid. If you want to stay longer in the area, you can stay at Ngurbloat Beach.

To reach Ngurtafur Beach, you must go to Karel Sadsuitubun Airport in Langgur from Ambon. From Karel Sadsuitbun Airport, you must go to Debut Harbor and then head to Ngurtafur Beach. Afterwards, you have to cross the sea using a motorboat which can be rented at Debut Harbor. (

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