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Thursday, April 20, 2023

900,000 Vehicles Leaving Greater Jakarta in 2023 Eid Homecoming


State-owned toll road operator Jasa Marga logged 974,000 vehicles had left the Greater Jakarta Area (Jabodetabek) from April 15-19 through four main toll gates spread across Cikupa, Ciawi, Cikampek Utama, and Kalihurip. 

"The total volume of traffic leaving the Jabotabek area increased by 46.5 percent compared to normal traffic of 664,882 vehicles," said Corporate Communication & Community Development Group Head of PT Jasa Marga, Lisye Octaviana, in a written statement on April 20.

Compared to the 2022 Eid homecoming period, this traffic volume has increased by 2.6 percent from 948,910 vehicles. Meanwhile, when compared to the predicted traffic volume for this year’s Eid, the realization increased by 0.2 percent from the estimated 972,277 vehicles.

Lisye said, in the distribution of traffic leaving Greater Jakarta towards the three directions, the majority of 577,499 vehicles, or 57.2 percent headed east for Trans Java and Bandung. 

Traffic leaving Jabotebak towards Trans Java through the Cikampek Utama main gate on the Jakarta - Cikampek Toll Road reached 393,060 vehicles. This figure increased by 183 percent compared to normal traffic.

While the number of vehicles heading to Bandung through Kalihurip Utama Cipularang toll gate was recorded at 164,439 vehicles or an increase of 12 percent compared to normal traffic.

She elaborated that based on the actual traffic data through the toll road main gates, there are presumably up to 140,000 vehicles that have yet to leave the urban areas for rural regions in this year’s Eid homecoming.  (tempo.co)

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