Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bali expected to lure 40% of 2017 tourist arrivals

Bali is expected to attract 40 percent of the total target of 15 million foreign tourists to Indonesia in 2017.

The province has been given a bigger portion than other regions because it still remains the prime destination for foreign tourists, according to the Assistant Deputy for Tourism Human Resource Development, Wisnu Bawa Tarunajaya, on Saturday (Jan. 21).

"Bali is still number one compared to the other regions in Indonesia," he said. 

The capital Jakarta is expected to attract 30 percent, while Batam in the Sumatran province of Riau Islands is expected to get 20 percent. All other regions of the country are expected to get the remaining 10 percent. 

The three major regions will play important roles in meeting the targets for attracting foreign tourism in Indonesia, added Tarunajaya.

In order for the other regions to compete, the Ministry of Tourism is also planning to develop new tourist destinations. These include Toba Lake in North Sumatra, Tanjung Klayang in Bangka-Belitung province, Thousand Islands in Jakarta and Tanjung Lesung in Banten province, West Java. Mandalika in Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara, Labuhan Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara, Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi and Morotai in North Maluku are also listed for potential development.

Through careful planning and sustainable development, the Ministry of Tourism is hoping to boost the promotion of new tourist destinations to attract more foreign visitors, said Tarunajaya.

He also mentioned that most of the foreign tourists that are expected to visit this year are likely to come from China and other ASEAN countries, as well as Australia. (Antara)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

HOSHINOYA Bali Hotel Opens in Ubud

HOSHINOYA Bali overlooks the Pakerisan River, with sacred water canals running through the property, part of the island’s age-old water temple network recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Landscape.

Japanese hotel management company, Hoshino Resorts Inc. (Yoshiharu Hoshino, CEO) is opening its first HOSHINOYA brand hotel abroad in Bali, the Republic of Indonesia on January 20th, 2017. “HOSHINOYA Bali” is enveloped by the lush green hills of Ubud, known as a center for Balinese traditional crafts and dance, surrounded by an environment of untouched rich nature. HOSHINOYA Bali overlooks the Pakerisan River, with sacred water canals running through the property, part of the island’s age-old water temple network recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Landscape.
The surrounding dense rainforest and terraced rice paddies as well as the extended mountain range are among one of Bali’s most famous landscapes. The beautiful land provides the ultimate fresh-air vacation, but also the landscape dotted with Bali Hindu temples and shrines offers a spiritual atmosphere to the visitor. HOSHINOYA Bali provides the perfect relaxation experience, allowing guests to feel in true harmony among the nature, people and God of Bali.
HOSHINOYA Bali offers an exclusive and comfortable alternative to hotels. The hotel offers 3 types of private, luxury villas enveloped in the lush green and mystical river valley, all connecting with the semi-private pool area allowing the guests to descend from the terrace of their villa. The architecture of the villas represents
Bali’s traditional beauty and ancient wisdom. On the inside of the villa, there are many beautiful walls and furniture covered with carvings, which techniques have traditionally been inherited and conveyed as the traditional culture. To stay in HOSHINOYA Bali means enjoining the custom, culture and tradition in the heart of Bali but also experiencing great moments of contemporary lifestyle.
Founded in 1904 as a forestry business in Karuizawa, in the Japanese Alps, it opened its first hot spring resort in 1914. Rebranded by Yoshiharu Hoshino in 1995 as Hoshino Resorts, it has expanded across Japan with a focus on local culture and tradition. Hoshino Resorts has developed three separate hospitality brands, HOSHINOYA, KAI and RISONARE. Now it operates 36 properties around Japan and abroad. (Hotelnewsresource)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Enormous Kuntilanak Will Attract Tourists to Pontianak

West Kalimantan administration is planning to build in Pontianak a statue of kuntilanak, a maleficent female demon, to attract more tourists to the province's capital.

According to the provincial government's head of tourism, Kartius, Pontianak needs to boost its tourism sector and wants to do it in a different, otherworldly way.

The 100-meter statue will also have a visitor platform to show the city's panorama.

Though the idea has been criticized by some, Pontianak's residents generally give it a warm welcome.
"We know that tourism can improve our economy and per capita income," Kartius said on Tuesday (17/01).

The statue will help to open more employment opportunities for street vendors, souvenir shops, or even for parking assistants, Kartius added.

Pontianak's main tourist attractions so far have been the Equator Monument and Peranakan cuisine of the descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled in Kalimantan centuries ago.

Kuntilanak is typically depicted as a pale-skinned woman with bloodshot eyes, dressed in a long, white cloth. It is believed that women murdered in pregnancy may become kuntilanaks. According to legendary accounts, Pontianak's first sultan was haunted by one of them. (Jakarta Globe)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


In the first month of 2017, Indonesia will boost promotion of Indonesia’s many wonderful destinations to the Australian public when the Wonderful Indonesia Beach Festival is held from 21st to 22nd January 2017 to take place at St Kilda Beach, South Beach Foreshore, Melbourne, Australia. 

This sparkling outdoor festival is aimed to strengthen relations between Indonesia and Australia through culture, music, cuisine, and tourism. During the festival, visitors will be indulged with a wide range of art and cultural performances, music shows, as well as of course rows of most appetizing food stands featuring both Indonesian and Australian food.

“We expect more than 20,000 people to attend the festival. This is a perfect occasion for us to further promote Indonesia’s tourist attractions through performances of talented Indonesian singers, traditional dance troupes, and promotional activities that focus on Indonesia’s 10 priority destinations that include among others, Lombok, Yogyakarta and Central Java, Komodo and Flores, Lake Toba, the emerging destination of Bangka and Belitung, and more” said Deputy of International Marketing of the Ministry of Tourism, I Gede Pitana.

Pitana added that promotions will be implemented in unique and attractive ways so that those who attend the event may receive a broader knowledge on what they can experience, see, do, and enjoy when they visit the archipelago. “We will also feature the Wonderful Indonesia brand on promotional materials at the Wonderful Indonesia Beach Festival. The Ministry of Tourism will set up a pavilion with distinct Indonesian design and decoration that highlight the 10 priority destinations” said Pitana.

In December 2016, The Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia has also made a breakthrough following the meeting of Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya with several Australian companies. Assistant Deputy of Marketing for Asia Pacific Region, Vinsensius Jemadu explained that during the Industrial Gathering in Melbourne which took place from 13th to 16th December 2016, initial steps towards cooperation with a number of Australian businesses in tourism were taken.

These parties have committed to support boost the number of Australian tourists to Indonesia up 20% in 2017. This year, Indonesia has set the target of 15 million international tourist arrivals nation-wide, an increase of 25% compared to the 12 million arrivals in 2016.(

Monday, January 16, 2017

15 countries to join martial arts festival in West Java

West Java plans to hold two international festivals later this year in a bid to lure a targeted 1.3 million international tourists.
West Java Tourism and Culture Agency head Ida Hernida said there would be an international pencak silat martial arts festival, probably held in Bandung, and a surfing festival at Cimaja Beach in Sukabumi regency.
“Some 15 countries have registered to join the pencak silat festival,” Ida said on Monday, as quoted by news agency Antara. She added that dozens of countries had expressed interest in joining the surfing event.
According to her, Cimaja Beach was known as a “heaven” among national and international surfers for its long beach line and high waves.
West Java was upbeat about reaching its target of 1.3 million tourists, Ida said. “Last year, some 1.1 million foreign tourists visited West Java.”  (JakartaPost)


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