Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sail Tomini 2015 hosted by Central Sulawesi

International maritime event Sail Tomini 2015 is expected to help promote tourist destinations in Central Sulawesi Province, in particular around Tomini Bay.

"Therefore, Sail Tomini should be designed differently from previous sail events," Suaib Djafar, a tourism industry observer, a doctorate graduate of the University of Padjajaran, said here.

The implementation of Sail Tomini should cover three aspects, Culture, Adventure, and Nature or CAN, he added.

Parigi Moutong District, the location of Sail Tomini peak event, is a heterogeneous region where local tribes such as Tomini, Tinombo and Moutong, live side-by-side with migrants such as Balinese, he said.

During the event, Balinese culture and arts should be promoted as well, so audience could see that Central Sulawesi is like a miniature Indonesia, he added.

Besides, cultural aspect is crucial to respond to the vision of "Great Indonesia" and to "mental revolution" in particular.

Parigi Moutong also offers beautiful scenery of its nature, agro-tourism, authentic culinary, and cliff climbing.

"Parigi Moutong has one of the best cliffs that I have ever known. We should promote it internationally," he said.

Durian fruit agro-tourism should also be introduced to participants of Sail Tomini, he said. (Antara)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jogja International Heritage Walk 2014, Nov 15 - 16

The Jogja Walking Association will hold an international scale sport tourism event called the Jogja International Heritage Walk (JIHW) on 15th to 16th November 2014 in Yogyakarta, the cultural heartland of Java. The event will be centered in two areas:  at the  Prambanan Temple Complex and at the  Imogiri Village. With the tagline:”Let’s Walk Together", the event intends to promote a healthy lifestyle by walking,  and to further promote the cultural splendors around Yogyakarta.

Carrying the theme “Save Nature, Respect the Culture, Jogja to the World”, participants will be taken on a sport and recreational walk through  5km, 10km, and 20km routes.  The Marching League International Medals will be awarded to those who succeed to finish the full 20km walk  in 2 days.

Up to today,  already 200 participants have  registered who hail  from various countries including: Japan, South Korea, USA, Australia, Netherland, Italy, England, Denmark, Japan, Belgium, Russia, Germany, Taiwan, and France. Indonesia will be represented by a team from Yogyakarta who has been officially inducted as member of the International Marching League (IML). Indonesia is the first ASEAN country that  has been  officially inducted as member of IVV League (Internationaler Volkssportverband) in France on 7th May 2013.

JIHW was  initiated by GKR Pembayun who has chaired the Jogja Walking Association since 2008, under the supervision of the Jakarta Walking Association and Japan Walking Association. The event is also supported by the Office of Tourism of Yogyakarta, the Borobudur and Prambanan Temples Park Management, and other parties. The event will also involve various communities in Yogyakarata such as Yogyakarta's Walking Communities, Green Community, Education Community, Scouts, students, and more.

Participants will be presented with the beautiful scenery and enchanting ambience of Yogya and its surroundings and the opportunity to interact with local communities. Aside from walking, participants will also be invited to plant 1,000 trees  to promote the ‘Green and Eco-Tourism’ concept.

For more information contact:
Jogja International Heritage Walk 2014
Jl. Komplek Colombo No. 39
Telp.: +62 274 566728


Monday, October 20, 2014

The prestigious 20th TIME Pasar Wisata to be held in Aceh

The prestigious 20th TIME Pasar Wisata will be held in the city of Banda Aceh in the province of Aceh, from 23-26 October 2014 with venue at the Hermes Palace Hotel, confirmed Mrs. Esthy Reko Alum, Director General  for Tourism Marketing in a press conference on 15 October in Jakarta.

TIME  (Tourism Indonesia Mart and Expo) is a  B to B  Contract  Mart between operators of Indonesian tourism products and services as Sellers and international operators who come as Buyers, and is the only one of its kind in Indonesia, where buyers and sellers are guaranteed appointments with their chosen counterparts through computer generated appointments.

This is the prime opportunity for Indonesia’s tourist industry to sell their established products as well as promote new destinations.

 TIME is recognized and included in the world”s major tourism industry  Calendar of Events that include ITB Berlin, WTM London, Arabian Travel Mart (ATM), PATA Travel Mart, ITB Asia, and others. 

This will be the first time that Aceh is host to this important event that has taken place in alternate parts of Indonesia. Last year 20113 TIME was held in Padang, capital city of the province of West Sumatra.

"As host of this event the province of Aceh is expected to take the optimum benefit from this opportunity”, said the Director General Esthy Reko.

 “ Until today already 66 buyers have confirmed attendance in Banda Aceh” added Meity Robot, Chairperson of TIME.  “They are from  the United States, South Africa, Australia, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Canada, Chechoslovakia, the Philippines, India, Great Britain, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore and other provinces of Indonesia”

While 60 sellers have taken up 36 booths, and cover products and services in the provinces of Bali, Banten, Bangka-[Belitung, Bengkulu, Jakarta, East Java, the Riau Islands, Lampung, West Nusatenggara, Papua, South Sumatra, North Sumatra, South East Sulawesi and of course from Aceh.

This compares to last year’s TIME in Padang that attracted 83 buyer s from 27 countries, with the largest delegations from Malaysia, Indonesia, Poland, the Netherlands,  India and Singapore. They made appointments with 81 sellers who took up  70 booths. According to industry participation, sellers present were from  Hotels, Resorts & Spa (75%), Promotion Boards (10%), Tour Operators/Travel Agents (7%), Adventure/Activity Holidays (3%), Airlines (1.5%),and Others (Hotel Management, etc.) (8.5%).

While Reza Fahlevi, Head of the Culture and Tourism Office of Banda Aceh, who is also Regional Chairman of TIME 2014, confirmed at the press conference in Jakarta, that the province of Aceh is ready and most pleased to welcome all participants of TIME to Banda Aceh. 

Aceh is ready to promote international and domestic tourism. We wish to position ourselves together with other Indonesian provinces as an international destination, while, at the same time, open the opportunity to the people of Aceh to become involved in developing tourism in this province. 

A decade on after the devastating Indian Ocean Tsunami and earthquake in 2014, which destroyed huge tracts of the province and drowned hundreds of people, the province of Aceh today has resurrected and wishes to be part of Indonesia’s tourism development.

Major locations that are a must to visit while you are in Banda Aceh are the Tsunami Museum and the large ship that was carried by the tsunami to the middle of the city.

The Tsunami Museum will provide visitors an in-depth understanding of the dramatic events that led to the tragic Indian Ocean tsunami.    

While, .the island of Pulau Weh located  in the north of the province is now also a favorite haunt for yachters and divers from surrounding neighboring countries, due to its clear waters and amazing underwater life.  (

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Indonesia will soon become trendsetter in Islamic fashion

Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sapta Nirwandar expressed optimism that Indonesia will soon become a trendsetter in Islamic fashion as its designers are capable of creating unique and creative works of fashion.

"I am optimistic that Indonesia will be the worlds Muslim fashion trendsetter by 2020," Sapta claimed here on Thursday.

He affirmed that there is a high likelihood of Indonesia becoming a Muslim fashion trendsetter by 2020 as its designs are in demand among the fashion communities around the world.

He cited the name of one of the Indonesian designers, Dian Pelangi, who was lately successful in holding a fashion show themed, "Washington Haute and Modesty" in DC Fashion Week, Washington DC, the United States.

"Indonesian designs are unique as they are inspired by the traditional cultures," Sapta pointed out.

According to him, if Indonesia gains recognition as the Muslim fashion trendsetter, it will have a positive impact on the economic growth of the fashion industry and tourism sector as there will be many more foreigners visiting Indonesia to keep abreast of the latest trends in Islamic fashion.

"Fashion is a soft power to introduce Indonesia through the creative industry," Sapta stated, adding that fashion is one of the 19 leading sub-sectors of the countrys creative industry.

In 2013, the fashion industry contributed Rp181.57 trillion, or about US$1.4 billion. This amount was 28.3 percent of the Gross Domestic Product of the creative economy, which amounted to Rp641.8 trillion, or about US$5.3 billion.
The fashion industry in Indonesia provides jobs to 3.8 million people or 32.3 percent of the total workforce employed in the creative economy sector, which is 11.8 million. (Antara)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pejeng Royal Palace Debuts Monthly Dance and Music Extravaganza

What promises to become a “must see” for Bali visitors premiered on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at the Puri Agung Soma Negare Pejeng at a grand cultural evening hosted by the Regent of the Gianyar Regency, A.A. Gde Agung Bharata.

Presented under the banner of “Cultural Wonders of the Royal Pejeng Performance” – selected guests were hosted to a dinner in the courtyard of the Pejeng Palace – one of the oldest Royal Palaces of Bali that dates its roots to at least the10th Century. 

Pejeng has long been viewed as the “cradle of Balinese civilization" with archaeological findings demonstrating an advance level of civilization in the area dating from prehistoric times. Still on display in Pejeng is the world-celebrated “Moon of Pejeng” a huge bronze-age drum. Further testifying to early settlement of the area are the numerous ancient stone sarcophagi still being unearthed by farmers in the areas surrounding Pejeng.

Long a center for the arts and sacred dance, the Pejeng Palace was rebuilt in 1917 after a major earthquake in Bali. With an open heart to art and creativity, the Royal Household has played host to the first President of the Republic who so loved the area that he built a Presidential Palace there at Tampaksiring. The likes of Walter Spies, Hans Snel and Antonio Blanco have paused over the years at the welcoming palace to savor its rich tradition of dance and culture.

Art and culture at Pejeng is anything but stolid and static. This was demonstrated by the dynamic and colorful Kumbhakarna Gugur Art Performance presented after dinner by more than 100 musicians and dancers. A colossal spectacle created and choreographed by Professor Dr. I Wayan Dibia and I Made Sidia, guests were treated to a mesmerizing performance before the Palace’s gapura entrance lit, in part, by a full moon that only moments before had undergone a rare total eclipse.

In a story taken from the Hindu epic Mahabrata, dancers, actors and musicians spun the story of the heroic Kumbhakara who fights evil demons to defend the land of his birth. Highly skilled dancers and actors incorporated modern permutations of wayang kulit puppetry, wayang wong (stage play) and Bali’s fabled kecak dance.  The final battle scene involving warriors, combative monkeys and a giant oversize puppet left viewers gasping in delight.

Presented by the Gianyar’s Department of Culture, the dinner and performance are planned to become a monthly offering during each full moon.

Shown on are pictures from the Kumbhakarna Gugur Art Performance.

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