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Monday, August 27, 2007

Sail Indonesia 2007 Yachts Rally between Darwin and Kupang

In the Eastern part of Indonesia, in July 2007 an international marine tourism event will be underway between the Australian and Indonesian seas. The Cinta Bahari Indonesia Foundation supported by the Indonesian Department of Culture and Tourism will again organize Sail Indonesia 2007, which it has staged since 2001, involving international participants with well-built yachts. Participants will sail from Darwin in Australia to Kupang on the East Nusatenggara island of Timor as Indonesias first maritime entry-point from Australia. The Darwin to Kupang Rally is the first stage of the Darwin-Bali-Langkawi Rally which will take through three countries over a five month period beginning in Darwin and finish at the island of Langkawi, Malaysia in November. This event traces the path known as the Indonesian Passage, bridging the continents of Asia and Australia.

Rally Information and Sailing Instructions

1 The Course
The course will be from the Start Line in Darwin Harbour to the Finish Line off the town of Kupang located at approximately S10 09.5 and E 123 34.3 west of the Kupang Lighthouse.

2 The Start
The rally will start at 1100 hours CST on Saturday July 21st 2007. The Start Line will be West of the Darwin Sailing Club between E buoy which is located at 12 25.5 and 130 48.8. and the start boat which will be in a position 400 meters north of E buoy. The Start Vessel will carry out the following start procedure.

1050 Hours Warning Signal
Code Flag "P" will be hoisted and may be accompanied by a sound signal
1055 Hours Preparatory Signal, Numeral Pennant 1 will be hoisted and may be accompanied by a sound signal
1059 Hours Code Flag "P" will be lowered
1100 Hours Starting Signal, Numeral Pennant 1 will be lowered and may be accompanied by a sound signal.

3 The Finish
Please contact the local committee in Kupang on VHF Channel 77 when you are in the Roti Strait and they will be able to give directions regarding anchoring. After you have crossed the finish line at S 10 09.5 E 123 34.3 250 meters South of the Kupang Light and anchored your boat, you may come ashore for clearance into Indonesia.

Extreme care should be exercised as you approach Timor especially in the Roti Strait and close Kupang as it is a busy port. There is a continuous stream of large ships, dredges and ferries using the port and at night their navigation lights will not always be in accordance with regulations. In addition, throughout Indonesia when you are close to the coast extra care is required as there are usually large numbers of small unlit fishing canoes and fish traps in these areas that are often difficult to see and impossible to pick up with radar.

4 Time Limit
There is no time limit to the rally.

5 Divisions
Division I Monohull
Division II Multihull

6 Rules
The Rally will be sailed under the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea and the SOLAS regulations as prescribed by The Indonesian Sail Training Association APLI and PORLASI.

The use of automatic steering is permitted and when engine propulsion is used it must be logged, totalled and declared at the finish.

7 Handicaps
All yachts will be allocated a Time Correction Factor based on the yacht's measurements. The yacht's Elapsed Time will be multiplied by this T.C.F. to give a Corrected Time and placings.

8 Safety Regulations
The safety of the vessel and its crew is the sole responsibility of the skipper.
All yachts shall have completed a non stop passage of at least 200 miles across open sea and must comply with the SOLAS regulations as prescribed by APLI and PORLASI.

9 Declarations
All owners or skippers of yachts must sign a declaration form stating whether or not they have complied with these Sailing Instructions and hand it to a member of the Rally Committee within 10 hours of finishing in Kupang.Any protest received after that time may not be considered. Protests will be heard by a Protest Jury whose decision will be final.

10 Flags
The yacht's own national flag should be dispalyed at the stern and the Indonesian flag of a size not less that the yacht's own national flag from the crosstrees. Note that the Indonesian flag is flown with red uppermost. When you enter the waters off Kupang you must display the code flag "Q" until you have been cleared by Indonesian Customs.

11 Radio Schedules
The Rally Communication Frequencies are Primary 4483 KHz or Secondary 2524 KHz. All yachts must report in on the Radio Schedules at 0745 hours and 1615 hours while at sea.

The procedure will be as follows; the radio relay vessel will call all yachts in alphabetical order as per your radio schedule list. When called give your latitude and longitude only,( in that order), be brief and concise as there may be many yachts to contact. If you have difficulty with your H.F. radio relay your position by VHF to a yacht equipped with H.F. prior to next schedule.

This position report should be relayed in its correct sequence during the H.F. sched to the Radio Relay Vessel by the relaying yacht.

All yachts that do not report in during the sched will be recalled at the end of the sched and any sightings or relayed positions will be clarified.

The base station in Kupang, call sign "Kupang Rally Control" which will conduct the radio scheds.

12 Retirements
Any yacht retiring from the rally shall make every effort to inform the Rally Committee by radio and continue to give position reports at each sched until safely in port, or if its radio is inoperative, at the earliest opportunity. Yachts returning to Darwin must notify Customs prior to arrival.

13 Time Zones
CST is Central Standard Time (Darwin Time) and will be used throughout the Rally for all communications and time keeping and is the time referred to in these instructions. CST is GMT +9:30, Kupang time is GMT +8:00.

14 Rejection of Entries
The Rally Committee reserves the right to reject any entry at any time up to the Preparatory Signal, in which case the entry fee may be refunded.

15 Sponsors Advertising
Yachts may seek and obtain sponsorship and advertise it in whatever form they choose.

16 After Finishing
At the finish you will be contacted on VHF Channel 77, to guide you to the mooring area where you will complete Customs, Immigration and Quarantine formalities.

17 Presentation Dinner
Details and times will be on the Notice Board at Teddys Bar in Kupang.

18 Additions or Alterations
Any additions or alterations to these instructions will be advised at the Pre Rally Briefing.
To date, Sail Indonesia 2007 has already attracted 134 yachts from some 20 nations around the world. The event is supported by a number of Indonesian governmental agencies including the immigration office and the provincial government, while local communities will stage cultural performances, festivities and offer a variety of handicrafts for participants to shop.

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