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Monday, August 27, 2007

SambaSunda is a spicy cultural mix

The clash of certain atoms can produce unexpected bursts of energy. In the same way, the clash of musical cultures has the power to produce new entities no one could have imagined before.

Bollywood and Latin hip hop are two popular examples of hybrid musical culture. But that's only the tip of the sonic iceberg.

One that should be new to most Torontonians is a mix of dancefloor and gamelan from Indonesia.

On Monday night, SambaSunda crashes the Latin-friendly doors of Lula Lounge with an infectious mix of tradition and modernity rooted in the old cultures of Java, yet influenced by Latin and North America as well.

SambaSunda's Toronto visit is part of Summerworld, a festival of forward-thinking world music evenings running to Thursday at Lula Lounge and Supermarket.

A gamelan band of one- to two-dozen players that germinated in the early 1990s under a variety of different names, SambaSunda has recorded prolifically, gained widespread popularity in Asia, and toured Europe and Australia.

Indonesia unites dozens of vastly different ethnic and religious groups – the biggest three being Javanese, Sundanese and Malay. Located in the mountains on the island of Java, Bandung shares much of its culture with the Indonesian capital city of Jakarta, a 175-km drive toward the Java Sea.

The musical instruments of a gamelan orchestra cross the ethnic boundaries in Java.

Source: TheStar

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