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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Where 4,000 species of fish await the avid diver

When Jacques Cousteau visited Indonesia in 1985, he proclaimed, "This is by far the best diving I have seen in the world yet."

Bali, the gateway to Indonesia, is considered by many the island of the gods, with its hand-carved stone temples, flower offerings, religious ceremonies, water, rice paddies and volcanoes.
People often ask Arizona native and dive master Ed Fedoruk, "Hey, Captain, where is your favorite place to dive?" He replies without missing a beat: "Indonesia." Fedoruk's eco-conscious diving company, Gourmet Divers (http://gourmetdivers.com), is the result of a combination of wanderlust, whim and a passion for food. His tours of an island as foreign as can be imagined by a desert boy include visits to local markets and waterfront fishing fleets before returning to a designated cooking school to prepare Balinese recipes.

Resort for diving

"In Tolandano (an island of the Tukang Besi Archipelago, located off the southeastern tip of Sulawesi in Indonesia) - usually called Onemobaa in Wakatobi literature and located about two hours by air from Bali - the place to stay is at the Wakatobi Dive Resort. It's named for the first two letters of the names of four of the main islands WAngi-Wangi-KAledupa-TOmia-BInongko. Stay in a beach or garden bungalow or in a cliff villa. The bungalows are beautifully handcrafted of local woods joined into panels resembling a raised panel door and attached together to form the shell. The lid is made of beams vaulting the ceiling to the sky and it is topped off with thatched palm roofing material that lets a peek of light in, but not the rain. The staff to guest ratio is around 3-to-1." www.wakatobi.com

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