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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Inviting 7m tourists

This is a very good vision, considering Indonesia's immense potential as one of the global tourist hotspots. It also wouldn't be so hard to achieve.

There, however, are a few main obstacles to this. Short visa lifetime is one of them. Currently, Indonesia issues one-month permits on entry or two-months tourist visas from an embassy abroad, both of which are non-extendible.

Indonesia is a very big country and it is also one of the slowest countries to move around in; which is not that bad if the tourists were given some time. Two months of a visa is a very common reason for travelers in Southeast Asia to not consider visiting Indonesia. It is a ridiculously short time to see a country that consists of so many widespread islands
Large countries where traveling is slower issue much longer visas. China gives three to six-month visas at embassies abroad, which are extendible inland very easily for six months many times. India gives six month or one-year visas.

It is impossible to understand the reasons behind the visa restriction policy on Indonesia. It is already one of the more expensive visas (two months in the embassy and one month on entry are the same price for some strange reason) and some people assume it is because the government wants to make visa money.

Bukittinggi, West Sumatra

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