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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Miss Indonesia ranks 15th in 2007 Int`l Beauty Contest

Miss Indonesia Rahma M Landi taking part in the 1007 Miss International Beauty Pageant in Tokyo ranked only the 15th among the other participants from 66 countries.

Chairman of the Indonesian Ladies Foundation Wardiman Djojonegoro made the remark in a meeting with Indonesian ambassador to Japan Jusuf Anwar at his residence here on Tuesday.

Indonesia`s participation in international event was to show that Indonesia promotes its natural culture to the world, said Wardiman, a former education minister.

Wardiman further said that Indonesia participated in the beauty contest to promote the dignity of Indonesian women in international contests, and that the essence of beauty in Indonesia concerns smartness in giving added value to the participant in the contest.

He also said that pros and cons on the need of Indonesian women to participate in the international beauty contest had become out of date. Meanwhile Rahma M Landy on the occasion explained her preparations of the whole process for the international contest.

"I am happily and feel proud, as after being absent in the international event for 30 years, Indonesia has sent me to the even," Rahma M Landy said.

Rahma also said she was very happy as Indonesia won the "best speech" among the other contestants.

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