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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rare butterfly species named after Indonesian first lady

Indonesia’s First Lady Kristiani Herawati received a rare honour Tuesday when she was presented with a specimen of a rare Papuan butterfly species named after her.

The mainly brown and black butterfly was just one of a number of new species discovered in a virtual ‘lost world’ in one of of Asia’s most isolated jungles, located on the Indonesian part of New Guinea island.

Environmental group Conservation International (CI) found the astonishing array—including frogs, butterflies and the first bird found on the island in more than 60 years—during a trip to the Foja Mountains in December 2005.

Herawati was given a ‘Delias Kristianidae’ during a ceremony at a safari garden. She plans to donate it to a museum.

‘The name was first published in a Japanese scientific journal in April 2006, but this is the only time Ibu Ani has been informed about the species,’ CI scientist Budi Iraningrum told AFP, referring to the first lady by her popular name.

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