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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Scuba Diving: Raja Ampat Trip Report

Well, I’ve procrastinated long enough. I think I put this off for so long since I hated to write a trip report that wasn’t absolutely glowing. While this trip was a once in a lifetime adventure, I don’t always mean that in a positive way. All in all, though I’m glad I went. Overall, I would say it was a good trip, with high points and low points. However, spending as much time and money, I had very high expectations; expectations that were not always met.

I realize I chose to dive in a very remote area of the world, but did expect more of a focus on safety. Any discussions on safety focused more on not inconveniencing fellow divers than on anything else. (In stark contrast, the folks on the Galapagos Aggressor encouraged oxygen use by anyone who thought they might have blown a safety/deco stop without question.)

I think as the area becomes more popular, there will be more competition and a higher standard for liveaboards in the Raja Ampat cruising waters. Right now, I guess it’s the trade-off of being able to dive the area before the crowds descend. I would suggest to anyone considering a trip that they plan to take along adequate safety/signaling equipment and either have a buddy they know they can rely on or be a competent and comfortable solo diver (preferably the latter as many divers were not able to stay together and often got separated). I’d also not suggest this area for less than advanced divers who are comfortable in very strong currents. The currents were stronger than any I've experienced in Palau or the Galapagos and divers were not always dropped in the best areas. I saw more than one diver get themselves in dangerous situations. (For example, as mentioned earlier, divers were pressured to dive the day before flying as the diving was planned to be “shallow.” However, the currents had a mind of their own (as they often do), and a number of people got caught in down currents causing them to go significantly deeper than planned.) Also, if you are used to boats like the Aggressors and Peter Hughes boats, the Ondina still has a ways to go, but the crew does deserve an A for effort.


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