Friday, February 22, 2008

Tourism Malaysia Statistics

Tourist arrivals hit 20.97 million mark in 2007, surpassing the 20.1 million target set by the government and brought in total revenue of RM46.1 billion, which exceeded the target of RM44.5 billion.

Tourism Malaysia in an announcement here, said the tourist arrivals for 2007, which coincided with Visit Malaysia Year, represented an increase of 19.5 percent compared with 2006.

Singapore remained the top market with 10.49 million tourists, followed by Indonesia (1.80 million), Thailand (1.62 million), Brunei(1.17 million), China (689,293), India (422,452), Japan(367,567), the Philippines(327,140), Australia(302,363) and Britain (276,213).


Akhyari said...

Malaysian exaggerated the number of tourist arrival. that is for sure

Anonymous said...

malaysia sucks

Sol said...

@Akhyari: Really?

arief said...

IF the data is right I think it's could increase the prosperous of our public. National income will be better and we could pay all of our debt which come from abroad.

Bravo for Indonesia!!!!

arif said...

although Indonesia still in no.3

arifef said...

although Indonesia still in no.3

Anonymous said...

No, the number wasn't exaggerated. Indonesia suck, even Indonesian go to Malaysia to work as labor. Unstable politic, riots, who wants to live in Indonesia anyway? not me for sure

Bath said...

i am interested about it


Anonymous said...

Is anyone from a country that bans the movie Coraline?


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