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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Indonesian tops regional survey for recreational shopping

Indonesia, Southeast Asia's largest economy, has been ranked at the top of a survey of Asian countries for believing shopping is an alternative recreational family activity.

The survey, conducted by AC Nielsen, gave the number one ranking to both Indonesia and Hong Kong, with 93 percent of respondents from each country saying they mixed shopping with family recreation and entertainment.

On a world scale, 74 percent of consumers considered shopping as entertainment, according to the survey.

"Shopping during the weekend and at end of the month is considered a family activity. The main enticements are comfort, security and a number of eating out and entertainment facilities," Yongky Suryo Susilo, AC Nielsen Indonesia's retailer service director, said Tuesday.

With few public parks available in most of Indonesia's big cities, families have no other option than to enjoy their free time in shopping malls, the number of which has grown unchecked in the past 10 years.

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