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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Showcase of Indonesian talents

THIS month, Kebun Mimpi Gallery in Kuala Lumpur plays host to “Kopi Kretek Kraton,” a showcase of masterpieces by Indonesian artists.

The exhibition, launched last week, features paintings by Jogjakarta-based artists Yaksa Agus, Sumbul Pronowo, Tasiman, Suryadi Suyamtina, Dadi Setiadi and Heri Purwanto.

The artists are from the Gelaran Group, an association of artists in Jogjarkta, and have been actively involved in various exhibitions in KL since 2000.

Their works are doing well at auction houses in Jakarta and Singapore and they have won various awards in recognition of their talents.

They offer a peek into the vibrant arts scene in Jogjakarta from the eyes of up-and-coming Indonesian painters.
The title of the exhibition refers to the three most famous items beginning with ‘K’ in the minds of Indonesians, most notably those who live on the island of Java where Jogjakarta is located.

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