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Monday, May 12, 2008

Donggala beach, a great place to snorkel

Donggala regency in Central Sulawesi is blessed with a magnificent, pristine beach in Banawa district, about 40 kilometers from the provincial capital of Palu.

Tanjung Karang beach, which to locals is just a white sandy beach, was known 20 years ago only as a resting place for local fishermen after a tiring day at sea.

There was no access to the area then despite the beautiful white sandy beaches, teeming with coconut farms, spreading along the coast.

But now, the beach has become a popular tourist destination frequented by residents from Palu and surrounding areas. In holidays especially, it is overrun by local as well as foreign tourists, mostly from European countries.

Visitors are willing to come to the area now thanks to good access, as it takes only 30 to 45 minutes by car from Palu. Even without its crystal clear waters and pristine V-shaped beach, its natural panoramic view would be breathtaking.

The night view is even more beautiful with the colorful flickering lights and the beam from a lighthouse at the corner of the cape.

Visitors can also enjoy the vast view of Palu Bay and Makassar Strait, where ships berth and depart from Pantoloan Port and traditional fishing boats crisscross the bay area.

At Tanjung Karang, there is an upscale resort equipped in the fashion of an upmarket hotel. The resort, called Prince John, is operated by a German businessman based in Palu.

The owner has also furnished it with a yacht and diving gear, mainly catering to foreign visitors.

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