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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Indonesia Lays Out the Red Carpet for Middle Eastern Visitors

Middle Eastern tourism is growing in such importance that at this year’s Arabian Travel Market (ATM) in Dubai, Indonesia’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism will be using the occasion of ATM to announce the appointment of a Dubai-based tourism marketing agent to promote tourism to Indonesia from the Gulf and Middle East.

“With tourism representing the second largest source of foreign capital in Indonesia, and amounting to nine per cent of gross domestic product, the Middle East has been pinpointed as a key growth area for increased inbound travellers,” says the Ministry’s Director General of Marketing, Dr. Sapta Nirwandar.

“Indonesia has a wide variety of attractions to offer its Middle Eastern friends. Whether you are seeking a magical beach holiday in Bali, or you wish to visit the wonders of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites at Borobudur Temple or Prambanan Temple in Java; or if it’s fantastic shopping at great prices in Jakarta and Bandung that you want, or to play golf with no waiting and at attractive prices on international class courses throughout the country; or perhaps you like to relax in marvellous spas with both traditional and international health and beauty treatments,” he enthused.

“All of these are in a safe, family-oriented environment. And as the world’s most populous Muslim country, Indonesia also offers an environment that is very hospitable and welcoming to those of the Islamic faith.”

Dr. Sapta also says that cruise tourism is another growing segment of the Indonesian tourism market.

“Therefore we are actively working to encourage cruise tourism to grow in Indonesia by improving our port and harbour infrastructure - notably at Benoa in Bali - and to make Bali a key turnaround cruise port destination for SE Asian cruise itineraries.

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