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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dutch choir lights up arts festival with Indonesian songs

"Nina bobo, oh nina bobo Kalau tidak bobo digigit nyamuk." ("Nina is sleeping. Oh, Nina is sleeping. If you were not sleeping, you'd be bitten by the mosquito.")

Taken from a popular Indonesian lullaby,"Nina bobo", the above was sung by the Colorful City Choir from Nijmegen in the Netherlands during its concert at the Denpasar Art Center's Ksirarnawa Theater.

Monday night's performance, part of the 30th annual Bali Art Festival, drew huge applause from an audience clearly amazed by the foreign troupe's ability to sing an Indonesian song perfectly.

The singing group won the heart of the crowd with three Indonesian songs, "Nina Bobo", "Burung Kakaktua" (Cockatoo), and "Naik-Naik Ke Puncak Gunung" (Climbing the Mountain).


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