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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Is Lombok the next Bali?

For years it has lived in the shadow of its more famous neighbour Bali. Now Indonesia's pristine Lombok Island is making a concerted effort to build itself up as the next Bali, while trying to maintain its natural charm.

Slower to catch the tourism train than its neighbour to the west, Lombok has been promoted as an "unspoiled Bali".

But a future $US600 million ($NZ802.35 million) development may see it emerge on par with Bali as a world-class tourism destination, according to the United Arab Emirates-based developer.

Tourists visiting Lombok typically treat it as a side-trip to Bali, staying just a few days.

The Japanese and Australians, Bali's top two groups of tourists, come to Lombok for the surfing.

The Koreans come here to honeymoon, the Europeans see it more like an extension of Bali, and expats come from Jakarta for the relaxation, explains Dominique Duvivier, the general manager of Accor's Novotel Lombok.

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  1. I'm from Indonesia,, but until this time, I cant tour to lombok, OMG,, so hard to save my money... hmmm you makes me feel so interesting to visite in lombok land...thanks for sharing,, so useful ..

  2. with beautiful tourist attractions owned Lombok is not impossible that one day Lombok could be a fovorit tourist attractions in Indonesia besides Bali.

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