Surabaya mangrove forests home to 140 species of Java`s biggest birds

The mangrove forest conservation area in Wonorejo on Surabaya`s east coast has 140 species of Java island`s biggest birds.

Bambang DH, mayor of Surabaya, said here last week end of the 140 bird species, about 84 are categorized as sedentary , 12 species as protected and 44 as migrant species.

Surabaya`s east coast also constitutes a mangrove conservation center area and a buffer zone in the seaside ecosystem which is protected by the provincial government.

If the mangrove conservation center area can be maintained well, there will be an added value, for instance, as a tourist object, he said, adding his office was preparing to implement the so called family tourism concept in the area

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  1. it is interesting! could you please let me know how to get there? thanks beforehand.


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