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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Asmat Art at the Ancol Art Festival

Ancol has a lot more to offer than sea, sand and sun. And it’s not just thrilling adrenaline-pumping rides. Ancol is an amazing integrated tourist site that also promotes art and culture.

The 10-day Ancol Art Festival is taking place at the seaside Art Market with Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo scheduled to open the event on Friday at 5 p.m.

It features over 1,000 works created by 200 artists, including painters, sculptors and fashion designers, from all over the country. Interestingly, Asmat art and culture will be highlighted at the festival.

The annual event, also known as Art Jamboree, was first held in 1996 as part of the Ancol management’s commitment to preserve local arts and cultures.

The festival is a forum where artists meet art collectors, gallery owners, art critics and art lovers through various forms such as exhibitions, bazaars, workshops, contests, discussions and carnivals.

In cooperation with the Asmat regency administration, this year Ancol brings Asmat art and culture live to audiences.

Asmat is a tribe in Papua popularly known for their interesting designs in woodcarving and their head-hunting practices in the past.

The woodcarving, considered one of the finest in the world, is in various forms from sculpture, tifa (traditional music instrument) and salawaku (shied), to oars, boats and battle equipment.

During the festival, people will have the rare opportunity to experience Asmat ceremonies, especially the celebration of friendship and brotherhood/sisterhood among the Simai, an Asmat sub-tribe. Traditional music and dance performances will fill the air, taking the audience to a world filled with mysticism with unique, strange sensations.

Time: Aug 22 - 31, 2008

Place: Pasar Seni, Ancol, Jakarta


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