Russian and Chinese couples on a honeymoon in Bangka

A number of tourists from China, Taiwan and Russia became interested to spend their honeymoon at the Parai Tenggiri Coastal Resort in Bangka known for its beauty, and international class hotels.

Director of the Bela Wisata travel bureau San San said in Pangkalpinang on Monday that the tourists from the three countries, who often enjoyed their honeymoon in other countries, came from Bali with the assistance of local travel agencies.

He said that some 120 young Russian married couples have already arrived in Bangka to spend their honeymoon there, besides 50 Chinese couples, and 24 couples from Taiwan.

He added that most of the young married couple stayed in Bangka to spend their honeymoon for three days and two nights, especially in the Parai Tenggiri coastal resort and exotic Sungailiat.

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