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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Holiday makers flock to Tangerang`s Cankir island

A multitude of people flocked to Cangkir Island, a tourist spot in Tagnerang district, Banten Province, on the second Idul Fitri holiday on Thursday to enjoy the beauty of marine life in Java Sea waters.

"Almost every year we spend our holidays in Cankir Island to enjoy its beautiful beach," said Dodi (36), a visitor to Kreo village, Larangan sub district in Tangerang.

Dodi said he came to the island with his family to release his weariness by enjoying the natural beauty of Cangkir Island`s beach and the smaller islands around it.

Since there was no public transportation from Tangerang to the island, Dodi said, he had to spend around Rp250,000 on transportation to the Cankir Island resort.

Banten`s provincial administration had included Cangkir Island in its Visit Indonesia Year 2008 agenda but the physical conditions of the island had been neglected as its beach was now littered with garbage.

In addition, there was no adequate public infrastructure and facilities on the island so the visitors, mostly teenagers, complained about it.

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