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Sunday, December 14, 2008

jakartajazz.com is online

JakartaJazz announcement:

www.jakartajazz.com gives you reliable information about Jazz in Jakarta and more.

The latest news, a daily Jazzagenda as well as international Jazznews keeps you always up to date about Jazz in and outside Jakarta.

A database for Jazzmusicians and Venues with live Jazz provides information about who to see and where to go.

Expose yourself at the WWW by submitting your profile and your concerts.

Be a whole week in the spotlight in the special 'spotlight' section.

Get the latest information about the upcoming Jazzfestivals in Indonesia and the neighbouring countries

Read reviews of Jazzrecordings, be informed about the latest and upcoming releases.

Watch videos related to Jazz in Jakarta

Stay tuned for future features like 'workshop' and 'market'...

Feel free to use the images below to link to www.jakartajazz.com

1 comment:

  1. Its a bit late on my part to be there in OCT'08 however I will really try to make it in 2009 for the Jakarta Jazz there. Personally, I have never been for the JakJazz there but from what I have experienced in the Java Jazz Festival over the years, it should be great. The only thing would be having the festival outdoors instead of indoors.

    I'll now follow JakartaJazz.com regularly for the latest updates.



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