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Friday, April 24, 2009

Tech and Travel – The Perfect Marriage

It’s pretty amazing what the travel industry has become in the last decades. Nowadays, a traveler’s freedom of choice towards his destination is pretty much limited by only two things: the depth of his pocket and the risks he’s willing to take. Whereas there’s no foreseeable solution for the latter, the multitude of travelling companies, affiliates and intermediaries make the money problem a lot easier to surpass and paradoxically, a lot more complicated at the same time.

Having a plethora of choices to book cheap flights for example makes it easier for you and your pockets to choose a decent offer, but you’re always left with the feeling that there might have been something out there that would be even lighter on your budget. This has sprung the rise of deal-hunting sites, such as – the cheap airfares search engine for example, sites that do all the hard work for you, searching through the available deal offers and giving you the best ones on a silver platter. It made the life of a traveler even easier and it also produced a fierce competition between travel companies to push their vacation deals to the lowest limit possible, in order to have an edge over one another, which, in turn, benefited the traveler again.

The scramble for the traveler’s attention from these companies however couldn’t have come without the technological platform offered by the exponential spread of the Internet, so if we’re going to tip our hats in front of anyone, let’s do it towards the forefathers of the wonderful world wide web, for allowing us the pleasure of enjoying a cheap vacation in the most remote corners of the Earth, without our pockets and bank accounts taking critical hits. Mr. Timothy Berners-Lee, we salute you!

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