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Friday, June 19, 2009

135 yachts gather in Darwin for Sail Indonesia Rally

There's a lot of painting and cleaning and boat repairing going on in Darwin at the moment. As July 18 gets closer there'll be much partying as well, as 135 yachts gather in the northern port.

They are gathering to join the Sail Indonesia Rally that allows them to enter and sail the magic coastlines and islands of Indonesia with a minimum of fuss - they hope.

Instead of visiting Kupang, the yachts are being 'encouraged' to sail a different route and end up in Bunaken, thereby assisting the Indonesian Government to make a success of their own pet project, Sail Bunaken, which is being organised in Manado and Bunaken in August.

In Bunaken, another 24 yachts have registered to join the rally there, making a total of 159 yachts participating this year.

As a reward for going where the Indonesians want, they will be turning on cultural events along the way, and it will be interesting to see whether this new formula goes down well with the participants.

For full details of the route, the Indonesian expectations and the other tricky aspects of this popular rally and the new cruising route, go the Sail Indonesia web page.


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