Indonesia and Japan to Create Replicas of Boats from Majapahit Times

The governments of Indonesia and Japan will work together to create five replicas of boats that were originally made during Majapahit times.

One of the replicas, the Kodi Sumekar Boat, will be created in Sumenep Regency in Madura, East Java.

It is expected that after being made, the five boats will travel to nine countries.

Head of Sumenep Tourism and Culture Department, Mohammad Nasir, said today (16/10) that in addition to Indonesia and Japan, the making of these replica boats was also supported by NGOs like the Japan Mojopahit Association (JMA) and Komunitas Peduli Majapahit (Majapahit Community).

The project will not only to increase tourism but preserve and introduce the glory of the Majapahit Empire to the world.

It is expected that all the boats will travel around countries in Asia. “Starting from Indonesia to Vietnam, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Fokoda, Osaka, and Tokyo,” he said.

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