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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Steak House offers dry-aged beef

People with a soft spot for red meat should visit The Steak House at the Four Seasons Hotel in Jakarta. Its latest promo features dry-aged beef, which is a cut above in quality and taste.

Executive chef Vindex Tengker said that the promo aimed to introduce quality meats to guests. He said that his hotel chose to use Meyer Natural Angus dry-aged beef because the cows are bred in organic farms, which means the cows are fed with corn, not plain grass, and are not injected with hormones for quick growth.

Dry-aged is basically a process to make the meat more tender. The raw materials are placed into combos versus Cryovac bags to minimize moisture loss and additional handling. Within 48 hours of fabrication, they are placed into the well-ventilated refrigerated cases. They should remain undisturbed for 21 days.

Over time, natural enzymes in the meat break down the tough connective tissues and the meat's surface becomes covered with molds and yeasts, which have to be cut off. Once the dry-ageing is complete, the product should be trimmed of excess fat and bone.

"The trimming can reach up to 36 percent of the total meat's weight. This is what makes dry-aged beef expensive," Vindex said.

The Steak House's Dry-Aged Beef promotion offers guests six menus: Rolled Dry Aged Tenderloin Beef Carpaccio with Wild Mushroom and Black Truffle, US Dry Beef Rib Eye with Beef Bacon Asparagus and Shallot Jus, Grilled Dry Aged Beef Striploin with Lyonnaise Potato and Shitake Mushroom Sauce, Dry Aged D-Rump Steak with Peppercorn Sauce, Cajun Marinated Dry Aged T-Bone Steak with Goat Cheese Croquette and Grilled Pineapple Relish, and Dry Aged Beef Tenderloin Medallion with Cheek Ravioli, Root Vegetable and Cilantro Foam.

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