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Thursday, January 7, 2010

WWF spots Sumatran tiger family

A hidden video belonging to the WWF Indonesia has taped a female tiger and its two cubs in the jungle in the central part of Sumatra.

It is the first tiger family WWF Indonesia researchers have discovered ever, due to video recordings over the last month. The WWF placed four videos in the Rimbang Baling conservatory and the Bukit Tigapuluh National Park, located in Riau and Jambi.

“Obtaining a video recording of a tiger family within a month after we started operating the device has given us a morale boost,” coordinator of the the WWF-Indonesia research, Karmila Parakkasi told Antara on Thursday.

The video trap also recorded the presence of a male Sumatran tiger and its usual prey such as wild boars, reindeers, anteaters and long-tailed monkeys.

Karmila, however, expressed fear about the survival of the tiger population due to the presence of two giant pulp, paper and palm oil producers near the animal’s habitat, not to mention rampant illegal logging.

“Our question is whether the tiger cubs can grow up in such a threatening environment?” she said. She estimated the number of Sumatran tigers in the wild at 400.

The WWF will launch a global campaign to protect endangered tigers in February, which coincides with the year of the tiger, according to Chinese astrology.

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