Indonesian tourism transactions in Germany posts Rp1.4 trillion

Indonesia`s tourism industry booked transactions worth a total of Rp1.4 trillion in a major tourism exposition in Berlin, Germany, in the middle of this month, a foreign ministry official said.

"A total of 69 companies were taking part in the International Tourism Bourse (ITB) in Berlin, Germany. Each of the tourism firm secured an average of 24 prospective appointments," Director for Overseas Promotion Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, I Gde Pitana, said here on Monday.

He said that each of the 24 prospective appoints would consist of about 2,160 foreign tourists. Thus the total of prospective foreign tourists to be netted is about 149,040.

With the assumption that each of the foreign tourist would spend US$1,000, the amount of foreign exchange that would be contributed by the foreign tourists would reach Rp1.4 trillion, he said.

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