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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Making Bali Safer - MoU signed between Bali Hotels Association BHA and IPRC

On Monday, 29.03.2010 Bali Hotels Association [BHA], an association of over 100 star rated hotels in Bali signed a memorandum of Understanding with the Integrated Police Radio Community Bali [IPRC].

IPRC is a relatively new initiative that links the public via UHF radio to the police. The system is geared to provide reliable communications during emergencies as well as better accessibility of regular police assistance. The integrated police radio community enables its members to link to POLSEK Kuta 24 hours a day. Regular round calls provide situation updates – assisting the police to anticipate problems before they arise, track suspicious persons and to exchange security and safety related information without delays throughout Southern Bali.

Monday’s signing ceremony cemented the cooperation between IPRC and BHA in order to ensure the sustainable development of the system in the future.

The MoU was signed by the Head of Kuta Police Dody Prawira, IPRC Chief Jonathan Soehartono, BHA chairman J.C. Le Coz, BHA Security and Safety Director Andrew Gall, BHA Security and Safety Executive Alexander Kesper as well as BHA Executive Director Djinaldi Gosana in the presence of UNDSS [United Nations Department Safety and Security] representatives.

For further information and to sign up for this unique initiative contact IPRC Bali , telephone 0361 8887110.

BHA Contact:
Alexander Kesper [BHA Security & Safety Executive]
Bali Hotels Association (BHA)
Secretariat : PHRI Office
Bali Tourism Board Building
Jl. Raya Puputan 41
Renon, Denpasar – 80235
Bali – Indonesia
tel: 0361 227 600
hp: 08191 6321763
fax: 0361 246 816

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