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Sunday, April 4, 2010

92 Percent Rise in Taiwanese Tourist Arrivals to Bali

Some 13,444 Taiwanese tourists visited Bali in February 2010, jumping 92.88 percent from the same period last year. Almost all the Taiwanese tourists came to Bali by direct flights from Taiwan and only one tourist by a cruise liner, head of the Bali provincial statistics office Ida Komang Wisnu said on Sunday.

Last year, 120,445 Taiwanese tourists visited the resort island, down 7.67 percent from a year earlier. The surge in the number of tourist arrivals put Taiwan in the fourth place among Bali’s top ten sources of foreign tourists.

He said Malaysia which earlier secured the fourth place after Australia, Japan and China fell to the sixth place next to Taiwan and South Korea. The Taiwanese tourists accounted for 7 percent of the total tourist arrivals in Bali in February 2010 which reached 191,926, he said.

The figure represented a 29.94 percent increase compared to the same period last year when it was recorded at 147,704. He said tourist arrivals from seven of the top ten sources of foreign tourists saw a significant increase and three recorded a shortfall.

The seven were China whose tourist arrivals in Bali jumped 175.27 percent, Australia 63.78 percent, France 15.68 percent, Taiwan 92.88 percent, Russia 28.25 percent, The Netherlands 61.06 percent and the United States 24.93 percent. The three countries which saw a shortfall in the number of tourist arrivals in Bali were Japan (19.80 percent), South Korea (26.31 percent) and Malaysia (13.99 percent).

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