Hotel Reservation Cancellations Reaching 10 Percent Because of Europe Volcanic Dust

The Head of the Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI), Yanti Sukamdani Hardjoprakoso, has said that there is a 10 percent decrease in hotel occupancies from European tourists because of the volcanic dust in Europe.

“Most cancellations have come from English, Dutch, German, Spanish and French tourists,” Yanti told Tempo, today (20/4).

The decrease is mostly felt in Bali which has quite a sizable European market.

“But there are also those extending their stay, because they cannot go back home,” she said.

The average hotel occupancy in Bali amounts to 65 percent in a year.

In Ubud, there is full occupancy at the moment.

Data from the Center of Data and the Culture and Tourism Minister Network shows that the government is targeting 805,000 for five European countries to be Indonesia’s main market, which are the United Kingdom (175,000), France (200,000), Netherlands (200,000), German (150,000) and Russia (80,000).

According to the Secretary of the Directorate General of Marketing, Noviendi Makalam, there are 700,000 tourists from the five main markets.

“From other countries such as Sweden, Swiss, Italy and Spain, there are around 850,000 tourists,” he added.

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