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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gesang, composer of Bengawan Solo dies

The legendary composer Gesang passed away in treatment at PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital, Solo, at around 06.00 p.m, on Thursday. Based on the information revealed by his nephew's son, Yani, to, Gesang died after his condition recovered.

He was even reported of being able to talk at the hospital where he had been treated since May 12. However, his condition was getting worse during the day and finally he could not make it at dusk.

The composer widely popular through one of his songs, "Bengawan Solo", was born in Solo, Central Java, on Oct 1, 1917. The man whose full name was Gesang Martohartono ever went to Muhammadiyah school, Solo, in 1929.

"Bengawan Solo" was translated into at least 13 languages and covered by Chinese, Japanese and Dutch singers.

Gesang, who could not read music, was one of 10 brothers. He married once but had no children.

Among his other famous songs were "Sapu Tangan" (Handkerchief) in 1941, "Tirtonadi" in 1942 and "Jembatan Merah" (Red Bridge) in 1943

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