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Monday, June 14, 2010

Bali hoteliers zapped by minister

Indonesia's Minister of Culture and Tourism, Jero Wacik, has taken a swipe at overseas business interests for refusing to share the spoils of their operations with local communities.

Oddly, the scolding came at the re-launch of the "Bali is My Life" branding programme attended by foreign hotel managers, who are members of the Bali Hotel Association (BHA), who underwrote the substantial cost of the new multi-media promotional campaign.

Quoting local media sources, Bali Update (www.balidiscovery,com) said the minister used the occasion to warn many foreign hotel managers in attendance, "We own this country. If there's cake, share it all around so everyone is happy."

The minister accused foreign businesspeople in Indonesia of being “too calculating and exclusive in their behavior, unwilling to share their profits”.

The minister said these entrepreneurs come in large numbers to Bali seeking profits.

Wacik said foreign business people needed to share their success with the country.

"There must be intent to grow together. For instance if a company earns a big profit they should then give a big bonus to the workers," Wacik commented.

Wacik called on the hotel general managers in attendance at the launch to cooperate and create a situation of shared prosperity.


  1. what about the corrupt officials in Indonesia. How dare the Minister say such things!

  2. as an expat -i thought this was the most hysterical thing i have ever read out here!
    so giving jobs, paying for bullshit goverment services [kitas -30days to process?], banjar, tax, et al are not enough???
    i dont see the minister exactly improving anything here...just their constant meddling with airports/immigration, alcohol taxes,road funding,electricity supply, sewrage and rubbish master plans etc etc....
    gimme a break!


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