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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jakarta Great Sales 2010

The Jakarta Great Sale Festival will run from June 18 to July 18 in dozens of shopping centers across the city, featuring discounts up to 70 percent to lure domestic and international shoppers, with total transactions hoped to top Rp 7.2 trillion (US$784 million).The Indonesian Shopping Centers Association (APPBI) chief, Stefanus Ridwan, said that this year, the festival aimed to promote Jakarta as a shopping mecca that would, make domestic shoppers think again before holidaying overseas.

"We used to target Jakartans only, but now we also target potential shoppers in other cities," he told reporters on Tuesday, adding that many Indonesian shoppers spent trillions of rupiah in other countries every year."He said the one-month great sale festival targeted Rp 7.2 trillion, a 20 percent increase on last years anticipated earnings.

"This festival is supported by 69 brands at some 1,200 outlets as well as small and medium enterprises," Ridwan said.Chairman of APPBI Jakarta chapter Andreas Kartawinata said thecommittee added the world festival to emphasize the jovial festivity offered in the 67 participating shopping centers to mark the citys 483rd anniversary and color the school holidays.

He said every shopping mall would feature various cultural, social and other lifestyle-related events, including culinary shows, live entertainment fashion shows, shadow puppet festival and late night shopping.The city introduced the shopping event in 1982, when it was known as the Stores Festival.

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