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Saturday, August 7, 2010

China-Indonesia Art Cultural Festival performed in Jakarta

Sound of "dagu", the traditional Chinese drum, broke silence in the Theater Studio of Ismail Marzuki Park, a prominent art venue in Indonesia' s capital city of Jakarta, heralding the opening of China-Indonesia Art Cultural Festival on Friday night.

Four performers wearing lion suits, accompanied by five young girl musicians, performed lion dance for about two minutes, followed by the singing of the national anthem Indonesian Raya or Great Indonesia by all attendees.

After speeches by several officials, the event was officially opened by Mara Oloan Siregar, assistant of public welfare at Jakarta local government, who represented Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo, by striking the Chinese drum.

The lion dance was performed again. The dancers wearing red and white costumes, colors of Indonesian flag, jumped around, ran around and moved their bodies beautifully.

Fajar Gita Nusantara Choir or Indonesia Song Dawn Choir followed with their angelic voices. Twenty six middle-age Indonesian Chinese women wearing red and white suits sang two Chinese songs, accompanied by the sound of piano.

Firman Ichsan, executive chairman of Art Council of Jakarta ( DKJ), said, "We hope that performances of the cultural art of China-Indonesia and discourses emerged in discussions could increase appreciation, respect and wisdom in facing diversity."

He said that the attitude is needed to promote peaceful life for the sake of glorious nation.

Indonesia opened the two-day festival to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the country's independence with performing various unique Chinese performances such as lion dance, classical Chinese music, product exhibition, Chinese culinary show, as well as motion pictures with the theme of independence and pluralism.


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