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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sexiest Southeast Asian beaches

Dreaming of a steamy, languid tropical escape but looking for someplace a bit more exotic than Hawaii or the Caribbean? Venture further afield in Southeast Asia, which has a dazzling array of sandy options. You can easily find luxury, a hint of adventure and even a few spots where the U.S. dollar still holds its value.

Indonesia's reputation as an exotic beach destination remains unmarred and sexy Aussies flock here. Coeds prefer the more obvious Kuta Beach, but sexy grown-ups consider Dreamland Beach, an up and coming spot on the Bukit Peninsula, the most beautiful beach in the entire country. About 30 minutes drive from Kuta (and now with impending development, nicknamed "New Kuta Beach"), Dreamland has traditionally been accessed through Tommy Suharto, son of former President Suharto's, abandoned property. Previously, your only options while watching the spectacular sunset were basic pretty basic cafes and local shops, but with the junior Suharto now building a tony new resort, if the beach isn't dreamy enough for you, new gourmet and pampering options are likely to impress.
If you're looking to get off the mainland and totally off the beaten track in Indonesia, Trawangan Gili, the largest of the three Gili islands, is just 25 minutes by ferry off the coast of Lombok. What makes this island sexy is its unplugged, "Age of Aquarius" vibe. Magic mushrooms are legal for sale, raves on the beach under the moonlight are not uncommon, and you can circumnavigate this undeveloped sandy islet in under two hours and be sure to find a private nook. The natural highs include spectacular snorkeling and dive sights, including the Trawangan Slope off the Southeast coast, Sunset Reef and Shark Point off the West coast, and the appropriately named Jammin' Reef off the south coast.
If you're a fan of the far-flung, you'll have ultimate bragging rights after a visit to Pasir Putih in East Timor. This pretty, pristine deserted beach is located about five miles east of the former Portuguese colony of Dili. Emerging after three years as an independent nation, a visit here is only for the intrepid, like travel in Thailand in the 1960s.

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