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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Flora and Fauna of North Sulawesi

Bunaken Marine Park is not the only place we can see the rich diversity of North Sulawesi's flora and fauna. North Sulawesi's and mountaneus regions also offers rich diversity of flora and fauna. In North Sulawesi you can find some distinctive endemic animal species to Sulawesi island, which are the rare anoa, tailless monkey and the inexplicable babirusa, literally meaning "pig deer" (babiroussa babiroussa). The latter are considered the most peculiar mammals of Sulawesi and are protected by law. There are 2 species of anoa (dwarf buffalo). One with smooth conical horns is living in the mountains while the lowland anoa has rough horns. Despite their dog-sized body, their physical appearances are like the placid water buffalo.

There are 7 species of Sulawesi black macaques, 3 species can be found in North Sulawesi. They may be seen at Tangkoko Batuangas – Dua Saudara Reserve on the northern tip of the island. Other animal that is indigenous to Sulawesi are the maleo bird (which incubates its 250 gram eggs in mounds of soil warmed by sunlight, hot springs or volcanic vents), tarsier (tarsius spectrum - world's smallest primate) with its head and body length of just 10 cm, kuskus and the brightly colored Red-knobbed Hornbill. Many of these species may be seen in Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve and Bogani Nani Wartabone (formerly known as Dumoga Bone) National Park.

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