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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jak-Japan Matsuri 2010 Held

In order to enhance friendship and cooperation between two countries and introduce Japanese culture to Indonesian citizens, particularly Jakarta residents, Jak-Japan Matsuri event is held for the second time. This event is expected to be a medium to know the information of Japanese culture.

Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo said, from the last year`s experience, Jak-Japan Matsuri can stimulate the interest of Jakarta residents to become familiar with Japanese culture. It is expected that this event taking place from September 26 to October 3 can be used by Jakarta residents as well as possible.

"Various Japanese cultures will be presented in this event for one week. This is an opportunity for Jakarta residents to better understand Japanese culture," said Fauzi Bowo, when opening the Jak-Japan Matsuri 2010 in Hotel Nikko, Jl MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Sunday (9/26).

Fauzi Bowo said, bilateral relationship can be well maintained if based on a close relationship between the two nations, not between the two administration only. "If we want to know a nation, let us also understand and learn the culture of that nation. Other nations that want to know about Indonesia also must understand our culture," he said.

Fauzi continued, Jak-Japan Matsuri 2010 is a series of 10 activities in the framework of cooperation in Friendship City of Jakarta-Tokyo as a reflection of close relationship between Indonesia-Japan. In this event, various activities will be performed, such as Japanese animation film festival, cycling, origami workshop, symposium, Japan education exhibition, as well as various culinary demonstrations of Japan.

Committee Chairman of Jak-Japan Matsuri 2010, Ken Kuroda, admitted that this event is intended to introduce Japanese culture and tighten the friendship between the two nations. In addition to introducing culture, Japanese people also can study more about Indonesian culture. "While last year Japan was predominant, this year Indonesia plays its role in this event. We hope this event can become an annual agenda, and and Indonesia can participate more," he said.

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